Attending AU is a great way to advance your career, which in turn helps your company become more successful. The tips, workflows, insights, and perspectives you’ll gather during the conference can benefit your entire team and help your company adapt to the challenges of change.

Below you’ll find a cost calculator and sample email copy to help convince your boss to send you to AU, and pick up the tab. (Note that the prices in the calculator are estimates. Update the amounts based on airfares from your location.)


Share this PDF with your boss and colleagues to let them know what AU is all about.

Cost Calculator


Sample Email

Hi [insert boss’s name],

Have you heard about AU, Autodesk University? It’s Autodesk’s annual learning conference. It takes place in Las Vegas, November 12-15, 2018.

AU has been around for 25 years and what I learn there can help our entire company be more productive and competitive.

As an AU attendee, I’ll be able to:

  • Attend classes, workshops, and labs led by experts and thought leaders from across the design, engineering, construction, and manufacturing industries.
  • Come together with other professionals to exchange perspectives, build community, and share how we’re facing industry challenges.
  • Get hands-on experience with the technologies affecting our industry, including generative design, immersive design, and robotic fabrication.
  • See what changes lie 3-5 years ahead and learn how we can adapt.
  • Take Autodesk Certification exams free. (Over 1,500 attendees took exams at AU last year.)

It costs approximately $X,XXX for X days (including the conference pass, hotel, flight, etc.). You can see more about it on the AU Las Vegas website.

Think it over and let me know if we can discuss this at our next 1:1 meeting.

[Your name]

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