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September 13, 2018

Classes for Fabrication Professionals at AU 2018

Buildings don’t build themselves. They require the active participation of dozens of teams and hundreds, if not thousands of individuals. And if you work in the fabrication space—whether that’s steel and concrete or MEP—you know that success depends on doing your part and integrating as seamlessly as possible with the work of everyone else.

BIM can help make that process faster, easier, and more efficient, saving you time and money. Plus, it makes things easier for your clients, so you’re the one they want to work with again. Because at the end of the day, a big part of successful fabrication is successful collaboration.

The Fab Forum preconference has been integrated into the broader AU Las Vegas experience this year, which means you have more options on how, what, and when you learn. Want a curated option? We’ve created a Tailored Experience for steel and concrete fabricators, and a Tailored Experience for MEP fabricators to help you find the learning sessions, big talks, and networking events that will connect you with the experts and peers who, like you, are finding new ways to make and do things better.

To start, all fabricators will want to attend the Industry Keynote on Tuesday, with a reception to follow:

Industry Keynote: MEP & Structural Fabrication Today and into the Future
Discover how fabricators like you are using new technologies and new workflows to achieve greater efficiency and better outcomes. Afterwards, stick around for drinks and small bites and a chance to connect with colleagues in your industry.

And here’s a taste of other learning options waiting for you in Vegas in November:

Classes for MEP

Fabricators Say Goodbye to Rework: Find Out How We Saw the Benefits of Using TigerStop
This team reduced waste generated from cutting by 3 times using the TigerStop material pusher and stop gauge. Learn their process.

Capitalizing on Innovation to Drive New Business Opportunities for Mechanical Prefab
Explore the possibilities of mechanical prefabrication, from first efforts to delivering complete modular systems to new geographies. What technologies do you need to make the transformation?

Utilizing and Understanding Revit Model Data in Electrical Preconstruction
What challenges do contractors, suppliers, and other stakeholders face using model data and how do they overcome them? Join us for a facilitated discussion about every stage of the process.

Ready for more? Check out this Tailored Experience for MEP professionals.

Classes for Steel and Concrete Fabricators

Tricks for Getting Great-Looking Advance Steel Presentations
Create presentations faster and make them punch harder using Advance Steel to generate and organize your materials.

Advance Steel 2019: Behind the Camera—the Secret to Easy Drawings
Want to create drawings quickly in Advance Steel? Learn how to add camera types, link to styles, and automate processes.

A Coming Convergence? Revit 2019 and Advance Steel Interoperability
Whether you’re an Advance Steel user receiving Revit model files or a Revit user wanting to explore the fabrication possibilities in the latest release, this session will help you make the most of both tools without replicating work.

Reducing Waste in Structural Steel Fabrication with BIM
Learn how to reduce waste and boost quality by using integrated BIM workflows to design prefabricated parts for construction.

You can find more classes like this in the Tailored Experience for steel and concrete fabricators.

If you're focused on the future of construction and what you can do with data, you might want to attend the Connect & Construct Summit happening on November 12, the Monday before AU.