News from AU
October 12, 2018

AIA-Approved Classes at AU Las Vegas

The ways we make and build are changing and we adapt by learning. For architects, that’s nothing new. That’s why the AIA requires licensed architects to collect 18 hours of continuing education learning units (LUs) every year to maintain AIA membership. Individual states have additional requirements. For a course to qualify as an official LU, it must be AIA-approved. At AU this year, you can choose from hundreds of AIA-approved classes. From AutoCAD to Revit, from tips and tricks to big ideas about the future of architecture and construction, we have you covered. READ MORE >
October 9, 2018

Discounted Pricing for AU Ends October 15—Get Your Passes Now

What’s the best part of AU? Is it learning from more than 700 sessions including industry talks, expert panels, and hands-on labs? Is it networking with thought leaders, exceptional peers, and Autodesk product managers and executives? Is it getting your hands on the technologies that are reshaping the way we make and build? You don’t have to decide now. You just have to buy your pass and start creating the schedule that’s right for you. Choose among classes, Theater sessions, industry meetups, and even our first-ever escape room experience. Want to save $425 on your Full Conference Pass? You h... READ MORE >
October 5, 2018

Explore the Expo at AU 2018 and Schedule a Tour

The Expo is an essential part of the AU Las Vegas experience. It’s where you can learn about new technologies, test drive them, see how they’re being used in industry, and talk to the people behind them. Whether you’re interested in new fabrication processes, want to walk through structures built in new ways, or try out a new VR headset to see how immersive technologies can improve design, the Expo is the place to explore, experiment, and see the future of making made real. Buildings and Brackets, Cars and Connected Processes The Expo this year will feature more than 20 installations and inte... READ MORE >
October 2, 2018

Classes for Developers at AU 2018

Are you a developer looking to expand your skills? Do you want to learn more about using Autodesk software APIs to help your company or your customers become more efficient through design automation, data management, or improved collaboration? Are you building on the Forge platform to customize digital tools for your team or offer services and plugins to smooth industry workflows and enable new collaborations? If so, you’ll find plenty of classes, meetups, and networking events at AU Las Vegas 2018 just for you, including a Monday preconference dedicated to Forge. READ MORE >
September 28, 2018

Tailored Experiences at AU 2018: Recommended Sessions for Your Interest

If you’ve been to AU before, you know how much is on offer: 700+ sessions; 3 days, maybe 4 if you’re attending one of our specialized Monday preconferences; receptions, meetups, and more. With such an array of choices, how should you find the learning sessions, networking events, and big talks that will matter most to you? We’ve created Tailored Experiences to help. A Tailored Experience is a select set of AU sessions that focus on a topic, technology, role, or industry. They include classes, industry keynotes, social activities, and more. Think of them like staff picks at your favorite bookst... READ MORE >