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AU LAS VEGAS 2018 / Nov. 13-15
The future of making things

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Submitting class proposals

For selected speakers

Submitting class proposals


When is the AU Las Vegas 2018 Call for Proposals?

The AU Las Vegas 2018 Call for Proposals (CFP) opens May 14 and closes June 11.

How do I submit a class proposal?

Class proposals are submitted through the Call for Proposals site. You'll need an Autodesk ID to log in. If you don’t have an Autodesk ID, you can create an account when you submit your proposal. It’s easy to do and just takes a minute. For more information, read the Autodesk Account FAQ.

Can I submit a proposal for Forge DevCon or other preconferences?

Yes. Use the same proposal submission form as you would for Autodesk University. If relevant, your proposal will be reviewed for AU, Forge DevCon, and other AU preconferences.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my proposal submission?

Contact AU Speaker Management for questions about your submission. You can also find lots of useful information in the AU Speaker Resource Center

How many class proposals can I submit?

As many as you like—there’s no limit. However, if you’ve never presented at AU, it’s unlikely that more than one proposal will be accepted. 

Can I submit the class I taught last year?

How about a follow-up class instead? Repeat classes are unlikely to be selected. However, we encourage proposals that build on previous topics, business practices, or product workflows. Most AU conference sessions are available online. We suggest becoming familiar with existing content on the AU website relevant to your industry or workflows.

How are classes selected for AU Las Vegas?

AU selects conference classes based on a number of criteria. We consider the overall strength of a proposal and its relevance to today's industry trends and best practices; whether the proposal builds on existing knowledge and practices found through AU online; the extent to which the proposal creates pathways for future learning; and the speaker’s communication skills, technical expertise, and relevant background and experience. If available, survey results from previous AU events are also considered. Community voting on submitted proposals has been another factor considered during the selection process.  

What benefits do speakers receive?

AU contributors who lead industry talks, instructional demos, labs, panels, or roundtable sessions receive one complimentary AU event pass. (Conference only; does not include travel or hotel accommodations.) AU contributors who lead more than one class at the annual user conference will receive a $400 cash honorarium for each additional session they lead. Event passes and honorariums are not available to co-presenters or panelists. Autodesk employees are not eligible for honorariums. Non-Autodesk speakers who serve as lab assistants receive $75 per lab.

I'll have a co-speaker and/or panelist(s). Can we all be listed in the class schedule on the AU website? What honoraria do panelists/co-speakers receive?

You must submit the initial class proposal as an individual. If your class is approved, you’ll be able to add the names of co-presenters and/or panelists online in the Speaker Resource Center. The additional speakers will be listed in the class schedule. Only primary speakers receive a free conference pass or are eligible for honorarium payments; co-speakers do not receive these benefits.  

I’d like my class to qualify for AIA/CES and HSW continuing education credits. What do I have to do?

Classes aligned to certain industry segments in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction will be submitted to the American Institute of Architects (AIA) for accreditation approval. Other classes may also be eligible for Health, Safety, and Wellness (HSW) continuing education credits from the AIA, which requires you to adhere to the HSW guideline.

If you want your class to qualify for AIA Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) continuing education credits, you must agree to adhere to the HSW guidelines for continuing education when you submit your class proposal. If you indicate that you will follow the guidelines, AU will automatically submit your class to the AIA for approval of HSW continuing education credits. 

Are all AU classes presented in English?

Yes, all classes at the conference in Las Vegas are presented in English.

When will I be notified about whether my proposal has been accepted?

Notifications will be sent by mid-July. If your proposal is accepted, we'll send you a letter of acknowledgement that includes guidelines to help you prepare your presentation and directions for registering for the conference.

How can I change my speaker details or class information after I submit a proposal?

Once submitted, proposals can still be edited by the author through the Call for Proposals site prior to the deadline. Following the submissions deadline, all changes to class information must be submitted through the Speaker Resource Center. If you need to change your speaker profile before the Speaker Resource Center is available in late June, contact AU Speaker Management.

How many class proposals are submitted each year, and how many are accepted?

We routinely receive more than 2,000 class proposals each year, and we can only accept about 600.


For selected speakers


I need help with my Autodesk account.

Read the Autodesk account FAQ to learn more about your Autodesk account or to retrieve your Autodesk ID or password.

How can I change or update my speaker profile or class information?

You can update your speaker profile in the Speaker Resource Center under the General Tasks tab. Submit all changes to class information to AU Speaker Management.

What is an Autodesk Contributor Profile? How is it different from my speaker profile?

The Autodesk Contributor Profile combines a single public-facing profile which aggregates your most important contribution information—which remains the same no matter where you are on Autodesk properties—along with information specific to the property. When you sign in to your account, you'll be prompted to activate your contributor profile and consolidate if necessary. You can find more information at

When will a comprehensive schedule be available online?

When general AU registration becomes available in August, we will publish a comprehensive schedule that includes classes.

Can I communicate with attendees or potential attendees of my class before AU?

Of course. We’re all about communication. After registration opens, you can log in to the Speaker Resource Center and communicate from there with people who have registered for your class.

Are speakers responsible for their travel and lodging arrangements and costs?

Yes. All speakers are responsible for their own travel and lodging costs, which are not included in the 3-day conference pass. We encourage speakers to book accommodations through the registration site to receive AU discount rates and access the rooms reserved for speakers at the conference hotel.

Do my co-speakers or panelists receive a conference pass or an honorarium?

No. Co-speakers or panelists do not receive a conference pass or cash honorarium. Only the person who submits an approved proposal for a class or panel will receive an AU conference pass and/or cash honorarium.  

Do speakers need to register for the conference?

Yes. All speakers, co-speakers, panelists, and lab assistants must register for the conference.

I've been accepted as a speaker. How do I register? How do I book my hotel?

When registration opens, visit the Speaker Resource Center. Choose the General Tasks tab, and then complete the Register for AU task. After you register, you can book your hotel at the AU discount rates.

Will my class be available on the AU website after AU in Las Vegas?

Yes. Learning with AU is always in session. Your expertise will live on even after your time at AU Las Vegas. This is a great way to get noticed in your industry.

Who owns my session's intellectual property once it's posted to the AU website?

As an AU speaker you grant Autodesk a perpetual, unlimited, royalty-free, worldwide right and license to print, reprint, distribute, use, display, and redistribute all or any portion of the session’s materials. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Can I request that my class not be recorded at AU in Las Vegas?

Yes. If your company has a policy against making your recorded session publicly available, you must notify AU Speaker Management prior to the AU conference. (Not all conference sessions are recorded.)

Do I need to bring a laptop to use for my presentation?

Yes. All AU speakers must furnish their own computers loaded with their presentation materials and any software that they are demonstrating. Co-speakers and panelists must also furnish their own computers, if needed. Hands-on lab instructors can use their own laptops or computers provided by AU.

I'm teaching a hands-on lab. Do you provide assistants to help keep my class on track?

Of course. AU provides 3 lab assistants for each lab. In the Speaker Resource Center, you can assign other registered AU attendees to assist you. The AU team will also recruit assistants. Lab assistants receive $75 per lab; they do not receive a conference pass. Lab assistants must have an Autodesk account and be registered for AU prior to being assigned to a lab.

What equipment will be available for my hands-on lab?

AU provides a high-end computer for the speaker. You are responsible for loading your presentation onto the presentation computer. Prior to the conference, AU will load the presenter computer and classroom computers with data sets submitted through the Speaker Resource Center under the Class Tasks tab.

For hands-on labs, AU furnishes one computer for every 2 attendees.

Can I include third-party images, videos, or other content owned by others in my presentation?

Only if you have permission. All AU content is licensed under Creative Commons and must be offered freely and openly to others. You are responsible for your materials. We encourage you to use third-party copyrighted materials only with written permission.