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The Venetian: December 1-3, 2015

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Submitting a class proposal to AU

Have a good idea for an AU class? Submit a proposal and join the community of experts contributing to the future of making things.



  • Courses for beginners to advanced users

    Autodesk University is for everyone, so we’re looking for a range of AU classes to support users at every level of experience and expertise.

  • Process and workflow strategies

    We love classes that demonstrate how multiple Autodesk products and suites can be used together to make design and engineering projects efficient.

  • Business management solutions

    How are you improving company workflow, collaboration, or concept-to-completion cycles? How are you managing your IP in the cloud?

  • Inspirational and atypical content

    Do you have an unusual use for Autodesk software that you want to share with others? Have you worked on a highly visible project where Autodesk software played an important role? If so, we want to hear from you.

  • Interactive roundtable discussions

    If you have a unique point of view on an industry topic and want to explore it through community-driven learning, submit your class proposal as a roundtable session.



Proposal submissions open April 22, 2015
Proposal deadline May 26, 2015
Classes selected and speakers notified Late June 2015
AU registration opens August 26, 2015
Deadline for submitting class materials November 2, 2015
Autodesk University, Las Vegas December 1-3, 2015

Class formats

  • Industry Talks

    Industry talks give AU experts an opportunity to provide thought leadership or share insights, case studies, and other innovative experiences in engineering, design, manufacturing, business management, and more.

  • Instructional Demos

    Instructional demos provide attendees with detailed presentations of in-product workflows, processes, tips and tricks, and other ways AU experts are maximizing their Autodesk product knowledge.

  • Hands-on Labs

    AU labs focus on hands-on computer instruction. Students use computers provided by Autodesk and follow instruction to gain direct experience in the material or application.

  • Panels

    AU panels include 2 or more panelists discussing their viewpoints and insights before a large audience of AU attendees.

  • Roundtables

    AU roundtables are facilitator-led discussions among small peer audiences. Roundtable facilitators tap into audience knowledge to reach a common understanding of the topic.

Content areas

This year we are looking for classes that explore trending topics, including Building Information Modeling (BIM), 3D Printing, Cloud Services, Reality Computing, and Advanced Manufacturing Techniques. We’re also looking for classes that focus on Autodesk software including Fusion 360, Revit, BIM 360, 3ds Max, Maya, AutoCAD products, and other Autodesk products that support the following industries:

  • Architecture, engineering and construction 

    • Engineering service providers
    • Civil infrastructure 
    • Oil and gas
    • Mining and minerals 
    • Architecture services 
    • Construction services 
    • Utilities and telecom 
    • Buildings 
    • Other AEC


  • Manufacturing and product design

    • Consumer products
    • Industrial machinery
    • Building products and fabrication 
    • Automotive and other transportation
    • Life sciences manufacturing 
    • Aerospace and defense equipment 
    • Process manufacturing 
    • Other manufacturing 


  • Cross-industry

    • Visualization, animation, and entertainment
    • AutoCAD and general design 
    • Reality computing 
    • Business management 
    • CAD management and IT
    • Developers 
    • Other Cross-Industry
  • Media & entertainment 

    • Film and television 
    • Games
    • Advertising, publishing, and graphic design 
    • Other media & entertainment 


  • Education

    • Autodesk in education
    • Other education