Call for proposals

Our call for AU 2014 proposals has ended

We are no longer accepting proposals for AU 2014 classes and other sessions. If you already submitted a proposal, thank you. You can expect to hear from us in late June. In the meantime, if you have any questions about speaking at AU, email us.

Interested in other topics we think will be trending this year? Check out our featured AU topics and trends.

Whether or not you submitted a proposal, we hope to see you in December at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. Get ready to learn about industry trends, meet thought leaders, and receive top-notch training and free certifications at AU 2014. Take advantage of our Advance Pass sale to qualify for early registration.

What we're looking for
Find out what types of class proposals we're likely to accept this year.

Featured topics
Check out the topics we think will be trending in 2014. 

Important dates
Review the major deadlines for submitting proposals. 

Proposal Guide
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Resources for preparing your proposal

2013 classes
Get ideas from last year's featured classes

Conference tracks and topics

Best examples from top speakers

Important datestop

Submissions begin April 23, 2014
Proposals deadline May 23, 2014
Classes selected and speakers notified Late June, 2014
Speaker registration opens Late August 2014
Deadline for uploading class handouts November 12, 2014
Autodesk University December 2-4, 2014

What we're looking fortop

Advanced and in-depth courses
Our goal is to have many classes for advanced users. Many attendees have extensive experience with Autodesk products and are looking for in-depth classes that examine the products in detail, and teach them new and efficient ways to use Autodesk software.

Process and workflow strategies
Handoffs within and between products are becoming increasingly important for users. Attendees want a higher level of understanding about using multiple products together and using Autodesk design and creation suites. 

Business management solutions
Attendees come to AU to learn about new ideas in business management. Popular topics include ways to improve company workflow, collaboration, and overall efficiency; strategies for adopting and implementing new technologies; and methods for improving concept-to-completion cycles.

Inspirational and atypical projects
Do you use Autodesk software in an unusual way that could be useful to others? Have you worked on a highly visible project where Autodesk software played an important role? We want to hear from you.

Interactive roundtable discussions
Attendees also want to participate in the conversation. If you have a point of view on an industry topic and want to dive deep, submit it as a round-table session. Attendees will learn from you and each other, and you'll learn from them.

Class formatstop

Choose from one of the following formats for your class at AU.

  • Lecture
    These classes, presented in lecture format with some time allowed for Q&A, are either 60 or 90 minutes with no breaks. Computers are not required. Class size can be up to 380 attendees.

  • Hands-on lab
    These labs, with a focus on hands-on computer instruction, are either 75 or 90 minutes with no breaks. Students use computers provided by Autodesk and follow instructions to gain direct experience in the material or application. Class size can be up to 90 attendees. There will be 45 computers in each lab, 2 people per computer. AU provides 3 lab assistants. Class size can be up to 90 attendees.

  • Panel
    In this class format, 2 or more panelists discuss and offer viewpoints and insights on a topic. Panels are either 60 or 90 minutes with no breaks. The panel audience can have up to 300 attendees. Allow time for Q&A.

  • Roundtable
    Unlike a traditional lecture, a roundtable session leader introduces a topic and engages the audience in a discussion where experiences are shared around that topic. Session leaders tap into the wisdom of the crowd to reach a common understanding of the topic. Sessions are either 60 or 90 minutes with no breaks, and class size can be up to 28 attendees.

Speaker compensationtop

We appreciate the effort all our speakers and lab assistants put into making AU an effective, valuable conference.  Each AU class has a primary speaker. The primary speaker is responsible for meeting requirements, submitting all class materials, and completing all class tasks. This person will receive the complimentary AU 2014 Pass (and if applicable, the honorarium), regardless of how many speakers are presenting.

Class format First class Additional classes
Lecture, hands-on lab, panel, roundtable AU 2014 Pass
(hotel not included)
$400 per class honorarium
  • Autodesk will not divide an honorarium among multiple speakers of a single class.
  • Final handouts must be uploaded to the AU website by the due date specified.
  • Compensation does not include lodging or travel.
  • Honorarium payments are distributed on site from the Speaker Ready Room. Payments are made in the form of a Managed Spend Visa card.
  • Autodesk is prohibited from providing honoraria to U.S. and non-U.S. government officials and employees (in any branch of government and irrespective of title or office held), including without limitation, individuals employed by or affiliated with state-owned enterprises and individuals who represent or act on behalf of a governmental entity.
  • Autodesk employees do not receive cash honorariums regardless of how many classes they teach. They receive a complimentary AU 2014 Pass (not including travel or hotel).

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