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AU LAS VEGAS 2018 / Nov. 13-15
The future of making things

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AU Las Vegas, Forge DevCon, and Connect & Construct Summit

AU is a learning community for today’s design and engineering professionals, from project managers and product users to decision makers and business leaders. Along with Forge DevCon, Connect & Construct, and other preconference events, AU offers a rich experience in professional development and learning. Whether you’re contributing expertise and driving change in your industry, learning from your peers and adopting new practices, or connecting with like minds who are solving similar everyday challenges, you’re part of something special. You are AU. 

Submitting a proposal

Have an idea for a class you'd like to teach?
Download the 2018 Call for Proposals guide. Proposals will be considered for AU, Forge DevCon, and Connect & Construct. Share your breakthrough workflows and collaborations, discuss your case studies and project insights, lead a panel or roundtable, or create a hands-on training to help others in your field overcome the challenges you’ve already faced. 

If your proposal is selected, you’ll get a free AU conference pass. You’ll make important and lasting relationships with the AU community. You’ll build a reputation as a leader in your field. And you’ll partner with Autodesk. We celebrate that, and we celebrate you.

Request a class for AU or recommend an industry leader—NEW

Not ready to lead an AU class? Tell us what would make you more efficient and inspired in your work. What do you want to learn? Are there thought leaders, practitioners, and power users whose expertise and insights would enrich AU? Help us help you.

Important dates

  • Call for Proposals opens

    May 14, 2018

  • Proposal deadline

    June 11, 2018

  • Community voting

    June 11 to July 13, 2018

  • Speakers notified

    Mid-July 2018

  • Preconferences (Connect & Construct, Forge DevCon)

    November 12, 2018

  • AU Las Vegas

    November 13-15, 2018

What you can expect at AU

AU is organized around the idea that getting better at our jobs demands support, collaboration, and knowledge sharing at every turn. And most AU classes are designed and led by industry professionals for industry professionals.

  • Process and workflow

    Collaboration across design and engineering domains is increasingly important. At AU, you’ll find classes that demonstrate how diverse professionals use a range of skills and tools to foster efficiency, innovation, and more—whether that’s digital design to construction, end-to-end manufacturing, simulation and design analysis, animation and visualization across industries, and so much more.

  • Business management solutions

    AU’s community of experts share more than innovative design and engineering solutions. Many have management and leadership perspectives that can inform and improve business practices. Popular topics explore the adoption and implementation of new technologies, concept-to-completion cycles, and information management in today’s cloud computing and additive manufacturing environments.

  • In-depth courses for beginners to advanced users

    Many members of the AU community have extensive experience with Autodesk products and are looking for in-depth classes that teach new and efficient ways to use those products. Others are just starting out or adopting new Autodesk products into their design and engineering workflows. AU supports people at every stage.

Vote for the learning that matters most to you

Weigh in on the learning that's most important for you

Your feedback is an important factor in the proposal process for AU 2018. Review the anonymous submissions of the AU community during the Call for Proposals (May 14-June 11). Get inspired to submit your own proposal or simply keep an eye on what matters most to you. When CFP closes, vote for the sessions that can't be missed. 

Class formats

  • Industry talks

    At AU, you’ll find industry talks that offer thought leadership and industry insights, case studies, and more.

  • Instructional demos

    Instructional demos detail product know-how. These classes offer tips and tricks and demonstrate how industry experts are flexing today’s tools with innovative workflows and more.

  • Panels

    AU panels showcase exceptional leaders and thought-provoking personalities.

  • Roundtables

    AU roundtables help people solve challenges and answer pressing questions. Roundtables foster a collaborative experience for shared discovery and learning with your peers.

  • Hands-on labs

    Hands-on labs offer step-by-step instruction for those who are exploring new product workflows and features.