Meet our AU sponsors

Autodesk event sponsors are central to Autodesk University. Talk with AU sponsors in the Exhibit Hall and hear them at Technology Trends: Hosted by Lynn Allen. View demos and learn about products and services that support and enhance Autodesk applications.

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AU sponsor Amazon

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides businesses with a secure, reliable, low-cost, easy-to-scale, global IT infrastructure “in the cloud.” Hundreds of thousands of customers in 190 countries, rely on AWS for their infrastructure needs, from running existing enterprise applications to building new applications in the cloud. The global AWS platform allows designers, engineers, architects, and artists from boutique studios to large enterprises to securely scale their business. Learn more: aws.amazon.com

AU sponsor Dell


Engineering and product design encompasses a complex workflow that is costly and time consuming. Dell Precision workstations with Nvidia® Quadro® graphics offer a powerful and stable platform enabling greater productivity allowing your team to collaborate, iterate and get to market fast at lower cost.

Dell Precision workstations offer optimized certified performance that provides users the ability to power through highly complex design and analysis tasks. Select models are available with incredible features like stunning 3200x1800 pixel displays, and a wide selection of professional grade Nvidia® Quadro® graphics.

AU sponsor HP


HP helps you stay ahead of the curve with HP Z Workstations and HP Designjet large format printers and multi-function devices designed for large and complex datasets, dispersed teams, and tight deadlines. HP delivers the innovation, high performance, expandability, and extreme reliability you need to deliver your projects in less time.

HP and Autodesk test and certify HP Z Workstations for Autodesk software. As a result, HP Z Workstations help you take Autodesk software performance and productivity further. HP Designjet and multi-function devices provide new solutions that are redefining the large-format printing experience, enabling you to connect to your office while on the road and help boost productivity.

HP Workstations and Designjet large format printers are a powerful end-to-end workflow solution for Autodesk professionals.

AU sponsor Intel


Whether you are an animator, architect, artist, or engineer, it is your inventiveness that is the greatest competitive differentiator. Autodesk software together with Intel Xeon processor-based workstation and server technologies help you unleash your competitive edge.

Fast Intel workstations help you create digital models of your ideas so you can see, test, and improve your designs with better efficiency, collaboration, and productivity.

AU sponsor Lenovo


Lenovo is a $38 billion technology company, and the largest PC company in the world, serving customers in more than 160 countries. The company develops, manufactures and markets reliable, high-quality, high performance ThinkStation Workstations & ThinkPad Mobile Workstations for use by Autodesk customers.

 Download Lenovo's AU promo flyer (pdf – 131Kb)

Lenovo ThinkStations are reliable, innovative workstations for those who do more. From architects, engineering firms, product designers, automotive engineers, research professionals, movie and video production, to software designers, Lenovo creates workstations for those who push technology to its limits, achieve great feats, and leave their mark on the world around them.

Like all Think-branded products, our P-Series Workstations boast innovation and design excellence, delivering quiet, reliable, and very powerful solutions for your work environment. Lenovo ThinkStations and ThinkPad Mobile Workstations are fully certified for Autodesk applications, featuring the very latest Intel Processors and NVIDIA Quadro Professional Graphics technologies, for the best possible user performance.

We invite you to stop by Lenovo’s booth at AU and learn about our unique technologies. Our recent P-Series release sets a new standard for usability, reliably and performance. You may just find that there is something you haven’t seen before.

Learn more about Lenovo and ThinkStation workstations at www.lenovo.com.


AU sponsor Topcon


Topcon is a leading manufacturer of precision 3D measurement and positioning technologies for the global surveying, BIM, mapping and GIS, civil engineering, construction, mobile control, and asset management markets. 

 Download Topcon's AU promo flyer (pdf – 778Kb)

Topcon and Autodesk collaborate on solutions specifically tailored for AEC applications. One example is the combination of the Topcon Layout Navigator (LN-100) 3D BIM layout tool and Autodesk’s software and cloud services that accurately create points in a 2D or 3D environment, position control, and layout those points with high accuracy on any construction site. As-built data from the field can be easily captured from the LN-100 3D BIM layout tool and then uploaded back into the design model via Autodesk’s cloud services for quality assurance and quality control review. Additionally, Topcon 3D scanning hardware supports Autodesk’s reality capture workflows, creating yet another integrated field-to-office solution.

The LN-100 3D BIM layout tool is a turnkey, layout solution that is easy-to-use and less than one-half of the cost of using more complex robotic optical instruments currently available to contractors today. The LN-100 instrument was specifically designed in collaboration with Autodesk to integrate with Autodesk cloud services, providing model-based layout as a means to more easily connect the office with field-level execution.

In 2013, the companies announced a direct cloud-link between the Topcon MAGNET® Enterprise cloud-based service and AutoCAD WS (now AutoCAD 360), a new capability that streamlines the availability of critical field information onto mobile devices. The MAGNET integration allows field workers to automatically document their site measurements directly from Topcon devices to AutoCAD 360, creating industry standard, sharable DWGs — directly impacting quality management and coordination capabilities.

The partnership between Topcon and Autodesk is designed to allow building and civil infrastructure construction customers to form a tighter, more seamless connection between the office and the field, increasing on-site worker productivity as well as improving overall quality, and field safety.

Visit Topcon at Booth 129.

Gold Sponsorstop

AU sponsor Advanced

Advanced Solutions

Advanced Solutions, Inc., and its subsidiaries operate as a diversified technology company providing integrated software solutions and services that allow businesses to achieve more effective products, processes, technologies, and ideas. The company serves clients in the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, material handling, retail, and biomedical industries.

 Download Advanced Solutions AU promo flyer (pdf – 153Kb)

AU sponsor NVIDIA


NVIDIA awakened the world to computer graphics when it invented the GPU in 1999. From our roots in visual computing, we've expanded into super, mobile and now virtualized computing. NVIDIA's mobile processors are used in smartphones, tablets and auto infotainment systems.

PC gamers rely on GPUs to enjoy spectacularly immersive worlds. Professionals use them to create visual effects in movies and design everything from golf clubs to jumbo jets. Researchers utilize GPUs to advance the frontiers of science with high-performance computers. And the introduction of NVIDIA GRID™ and GPU virtualization delivers visually demanding applications from either on-premise or cloud based virtualized servers.

NVIDIA is the World Leader in Visual Computing Technologies.

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AU sponsor C3Dconnexion

3Dconnexion is the expert when it comes to providing 2D and 3D design professionals with an immersive design experience. To help people produce better designs, faster and more comfortably is our mission. Digital prototyping is in our DNA. From aerospace to automotive, consumer goods to electronics, machine tools to game development, 3Dconnexion 3D mice accelerate productivity and design quality to a new level.

With a 3D mouse users can pan, zoom and rotate as if they’re holding the model in their hand or fly like a helicopter through three-dimensional worlds. It’s a level of control that’s simply not possible with a traditional mouse and keyboard. Hundreds of thousands of users worldwide testify to shortened product design cycles, a reduction in work-related fatigue and improvements in design quality.

AU sponsor 3dconnexion


3Dconnexion is the expert when it comes to providing 2D and 3D design professionals with an immersive design experience. To help people produce better designs, faster and more comfortably, is our mission.

3Dconnexion 3D mice deliver natural and intuitive control of 3D models and environments that is unattainable with a traditional mouse and keyboard. 3D mice accelerate performance as users no longer have to position models step by step. Use the 3D mouse controller cap to simultaneously pan, zoom, and rotate while using the standard mouse for selection, creation, and editing tasks. From aerospace to automotive, consumer goods to electronics, machine tools to game development, 3Dconnexion 3D mice accelerate productivity and design quality. With a 3D mouse you can set your imagination free.


AU sponsor Advanced Micro Devices

Advanced Micro Devices
Booth 1517

Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD) is an innovative technology company dedicated to collaborating with customers and partners to ignite the next generation of computing and graphics solutions at work, home and play. AMD FirePro™ Professional Graphics are high quality graphics cards built with leading edge technology.

Comprehensively certificated and trusted by many ISVs and businesses around the world, AMD FirePro graphics are designed for professionals. With advanced technologies delivering outstanding performance and productivity, AMD FirePro is the professional’s choice for graphics cards. The close relationship between AMD and Autodesk aligns engineering, sales, and marketing efforts to ensure maximum performance of the Autodesk® family of applications on AMD FirePro™ Workstation graphics cards. This results in the timely qualification of new hardware and drivers that ensure full compatibility while providing an optimal user experience with Autodesk software.

AU sponsor AMD


Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD) is an innovative technology company dedicated to collaborating with customers and partners to ignite the next generation of computing and graphics solutions at work, home and play. AMD FireProTM Professional graphics are high quality graphics cards built with advanced, leading edge technology. Comprehensively certificated and trusted by many businesses and ISVs across the world, AMD FirePro graphics deliver outstanding performance, productivity and value.

The latest AMD FirePro™ professional graphics cards are designed for advanced CAD/CAM/CAE and Media & Entertainment workflows with the latest Autodesk Product Design & Building Design suites and Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite fully certified with the latest generation of professional graphics cards. With local and remote workstation graphics solutions available today, AMD FirePro offers a range of graphics solutions that are certified by Autodesk giving you the best choice and value for your business. For more information visit fireprographics.com

AU sponsor Canon

Canon U.S.A.

Canon U.S.A., Inc., is a leading provider of consumer, business-to-business, and industrial digital imaging solutions. With its rapidly expanding large format printer lines, imagePROGRAF, Oce ColorWave, Oce PlotWave, and Oce TDS printers, Canon provides the technology that is necessary to create precise drawings and print at extraordinary speeds.

With a variety of solutions to select from, end users can be certain to find a printer that surpasses their expectations for a multitude of applications including technical/engineering documents, CAD/CAM, 3D rendering, signage, fine art, photography, graphic design, and general office use, printing sizes up to 60 inches wide by virtually any length imaginable. Canon U.S.A. is committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction and loyalty, providing 100% U.S.-based consumer service and support for all of the products it distributes.




dRofus is a dynamic cloud-based, integrated program and data management tool. dRofus is bidirectional data sync with Revit and ArchiCAD provides your projects with accurate database program validation during early planning and into construction.

With dRofus you can plan, track, and report on all departments, rooms, equipment, and components in a building project. The upcoming release of dRofus 2.0 adds the ability to document Systems, provides an FM handover and includes powerful IFC/COBie capabilities.
  • Plan, track, and report on all rooms, departments, equipment, and components in a building project.
  • Track and control information and keep projects on time and in budget.
  • Verify the plan vs the BIM Design with a bidirectional connection to Revit, IFC, and ArchiCAD.


AU sponsor haas/swiftcarb


Haas Automation is America’s leading manufacturer of CNC machine tools. All Haas products are manufactured in the company’s 1-million-square-foot facility in Southern California, and distributed through a worldwide network of 170 Haas Factory Outlets (HFOs). Every HFO has complete showroom facilities, factory-trained service personal, extensive spare-parts inventories and fully stocked service vehicles to provide the industry’s best service and support.

Haas Automation manufactures a complete line of CNC vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes, and rotary products. The company also builds a variety of specialty machines, including 5-axis machining centers, universal machines, toolroom machines, and gantry routers.

Haas products deliver higher accuracy, repeatability, and durability – at better prices – than any other machines on the market. This commitment to quality is what makes American-made Haas machine tools the best value in the industry.

AU sponsor Dropbox

Dropbox simplifies the work and personal lives of millions of people by letting them bring their documents, photos, and videos anywhere and share them easily. The service has more than 300 million users and is used in over 4 million businesses, with 1 billion files saved per day. Dropbox for Business allows employees to securely share and collaborate, and is used by companies like BCBG, National Geographic, Hearst, and News Corp. To learn more about our product and start a free trial, please visit dropbox.com/business


Global eTraining

Global eTraining is a Canadian EduTech company with over 25 years of experience in developing and delivering exceptional computer-based learning. Our world-leading technical training platform is home to thousands of hours of technical content integrated with custom content developed directly by subject-matter experts through The Generator.


Since its inception in 1998, NetSuite has established itself as the industry's leading provider of cloud-based financials / ERP to businesses globally, enabling them to lower IT costs significantly while increasing productivity. NetSuite helps companies manage core business processes with a single, fully integrated system covering ERP/financials, CRM, ecommerce, inventory and more.


NetSuite’s next-gen cloud manufacturing solution allows manufacturers to more efficiently manufacture, forecast, price, track and schedule products. Partnerships with 3D Design and PLM partners such as Autodesk provide a complete solution to manage product lifecycle from design to delivery, entirely in the cloud.

16,000 companies globally including manufacturing customers such as, RedBuilt, Solio, Sena Cases, Xtellus, Anisa International, Flogistix, PrimaLoft, EndoChoice and Memjet use NetSuite to run their business more effectively.


AU sponsor Panzura


Panzura is the catalyst in the transformation of cloud storage into high-performance enterprise file systems. Our revolutionary global locking file system seamlessly combines the flexibility, performance and productivity benefits of distributed storage with the manageability, security and economics of centralized storage.

The Panzura Global File System features global file locking, granular access control, global deduplication, military-grade encryption, and continuous data protection.

Panzura makes real-time cross-site collaboration possible:

  • Provides single view of the shared file system with Global namespace
  • Enforces file consistency with Global File Locking
  • Eliminates storage islands, mirrors, and backups from all sites

With Panzura, the cloud—public or private—not only serves as every tier of storage, it becomes the fabric that enables globally-distributed teams rapid file access and easy collaboration. Visit www.panzura.com

AU sponsor Revit Express tools

Revit Express Tools
Booth 1720

Revit Express Tools software consists of suites of add-in programs that run within the Revit environment. These add-ins are designed to automate tedious tasks and manage Revit files, as well as the information within them. The latest release includes five new tools, new user interfaces, and new features with enhanced capabilities.



Founded in 2008, Vizerra provides services for large-scale, interactive 3D visualization and simulation. A smart technology and high-end services help Vizerra to take a strong foothold in U.S. and European markets. Vizerra used its huge experience and technological capabilities to develop Revizto in 2012.

Revizto is a visual collaboration software, that turns Revit and AutoCAD models and imports fbx files into a navigable 3D environment in few minutes, preserving all object data. Free Revizto Viewer opens the resulting model at any platform including iPad and enables users to explore the project in 3D. Handy real-time tools such as markers and camera sharing allow professionals to collaborate effectively with non-expert CAD users and clients. Revizto software quickly became an everyday tool for thousands of AEC professionals across 150 countries around the globe. Learn more about Revizto at www.revizto.com



Simplygon is the leading solution for Automatic Optimization of 3D-game content and Level of Detail. By replacing tedious and time-consuming manual work, Simplygon offers the benefits of LODs but without the drawbacks of increased production time and development cost.

Simplygon means more consistent LOD quality; having LOD models available earlier/throughout the production; and increased visual quality by enabling more content to be shown on screen. Further reduce draw calls using Simplygon´s automated material retexturing and casting solution, to create texture atlases to reduce multiple, complex materials.

Simplygon is now also available as a cloud service making its use more flexible and available for more companies.

Please visit our website to learn more about Simplygon www.simplygon.com

For more information about licensing or evaluation please contact: Martin Ekdal +46733149400 martin@simplygon.com (Global) Richard Andemark +1 (415) 608-1838 richard@simplygon.com (Americas)"

Unity Technologies

Unity Technologies is the creator of Unity, a flexible and high-performance development platform used to make and publish interactive 3D and 2D experiences to all of the most popular platforms. Initiatives like the Asset Store, Unity Cloud services, and Unity Games publishing keep Unity at the forefront of innovation. Visit www.unity3d.com to learn more.

Autodesk event sponsor SMART Technologies

SMART Technologies
Booth 1520

SMART Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of technology solutions that enable inspired collaboration in schools and workplaces around the world by turning group work into a highly interactive, engaging and productive experience.

SMART delivers integrated solutions of hardware, software, and services designed for superior performance and ease of use, and remains a world leader in interactive displays.

Autodesk event sponsor Stratasys

Booths 143 & 145

Stratasys® manufactures 3D printing equipment and materials that create physical objects directly from digital data. Its systems range from affordable desktop 3D printers to large, advanced 3D production systems. Its specially engineered 3D printing materials include nearly 150 photopolymers and thermoplastics.

Manufacturers use Stratasys 3D Printers to create models and prototypes for new product design and testing, and for low-volume finished goods. Educators use the technology to elevate research and learning in science, engineering design and art. Hobbyists and entrepreneurs use Stratasys 3D Printing to expand manufacturing into the home — creating novelties, customized devices and inventions. www.stratasys.com.

Reseller Sponsorstop

AU sponsor Advanced Solutions

Advanced Solutions, Inc.

Advanced Solutions, Inc. and its subsidiaries operates as a diversified technology company providing integrated software solutions and services that enable businesses to achieve more effective products, processes, technologies and ideas.

With 15 locations in North America, the company does business with architecture, construction, distribution, engineering, manufacturing, and retail firms. For additional information about Advanced Solutions, Inc., please visit our website at www.AdvancedSolutions.com

AU sponsor BOXX Technologies

BOXX Technologies
Booths 2121 and 2122

BOXX Technologies’ renowned expertise, record-setting performance, and legendary support enable us to produce state-of-the-art workstations and rendering systems for media & entertainment, architecture, engineering, manufacturing, higher education, and more.

For over 17 years, we have earned a reputation as the leading innovator of reliable, high performance solutions that enhance creativity and increase productivity—resulting in increased profits and efficient workflows for our customers.

AU sponsor CADD Microsystems

CADD Microsystems

CADD Microsystems is an Autodesk Platinum Partner with 25 years of experience with AEC design software solutions.

Staffed with registered architects, professional engineers and LEED accredited consultants, we collaborate with customers from needs analysis to implementation, including process consulting, data migration, custom development and training. We work closely with federal, state and local governments and commercial design firms in support of BIM and other mission-critical objectives.

AU sponsor Eagle Point Software

Eagle Point Software

Since 1983, Eagle Point Software Corporation has been developing solutions running on top of AutoCAD, AutoCAD Map 3D, AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Architecture, and Autodesk Revit. By offering products and services that complement the Autodesk family of products, we enable our architectural and engineering clients to solve unique problems and simplify their work utilizing our specific add-on applications in conjunction with Autodesk technology.

AU sponsor Eagle Point Software

Booth 2510

Enceptia, formerly D|C|CADD, is a design technology consulting firm that provides software solutions and services to the building, infrastructure and manufacturing industries. Based in Texas, Enceptia is an award-winning Autodesk® Gold Partner, Autodesk Developer Network Member and Autodesk Authorized Training Center.

Enceptia offers a wide array of professional services including managed IT services, expert-led training, superior technical support, and strategic consultation and implementation.

Autodesk event sponsor Hagerman & Company

Hagerman & Company
Hagerman & Company, Inc. is an Autodesk Gold Partner with 23 offices and training centers in the Midwest, South and California. Hagerman has Autodesk specializations in Consulting, Product Support, Autodesk Simulation, Factory Design Suite, Autodesk PLM 360, and Plant Design Suite products.

We boast a high technical-to-sales ratio, and all our Solutions Engineers are Autodesk Certified and have over 100 years of combined experience. Hagerman’s mission is to help clients become more productive.

Booth 1922

Engineers, architects and manufacturers turn to the products and services IMAGINiT offers every day because we help them solve problems. Whether it’s helping recover a lost file or providing software that automates manual tasks, our clients take advantage of our expertise in solving critical issues through better use of people, processes and technology.

Chat up one of our experts in booth 1922 or visit us at www.imaginit.com.


MasterGraphics is an Autodesk® Gold Partner specializing in design & data solutions for the manufacturing, building and infrastructure industries. For many firms, these solutions are often disconnected due to problems in scope, implementation or training, and their overall workflow is likewise disconnected and inefficient.

Companies who work with us are able to tap the unrealized potential of their people, data and workflow processes to boost productivity, competitiveness and profitability.

AU sponsor MasterGraphics


MasterGraphics is one of the Midwest's leading providers of technology solutions for the manufacturing, building, and civil industries. Serving as a trusted advisor to its clients, MasterGraphics helps to streamline the design process and use of CAD data to increase productivity and cost effectiveness. We make design data work.

Our Mission: To ensure that the design, management, and distribution of our clients' CAD information continuously improves due to their ongoing relationship with MasterGraphics.

AU sponsor PacifiCAD


PacifiCAD is celebrating its 25 Year Anniversary. We have been providing CAD products and support services to the engineering and design industries in the Pacific Northwest of the United States since 1989. We are an Authorized Autodesk Channel Partner for 23 years since 1991. We provide AEC, ENI, Manufacturing and Cloud solutions and services for Commercial, Government, and Educational markets.

PacifiCAD has recently been awarded new authorization for commercial products into Seattle Metro and the I-5 Corridor in Western Washington and we are eager to bring our unique expertise and unmatched customer service to this expanded territory. PacifiCAD is an Autodesk Authorized Gold partner and certified training center covering the Washington, Idaho, and Montana territories. We are customer centric and focused on 100% customer satisfaction with a team of seasoned Autodesk Certified Technical & Sales Professionals. We supply our customers with unmatched technical support, implementation, data management, and training to help them become more productive and competitive. Please visit us at booths 107 & 108 at Autodesk University and ask us about our 25th Anniversary Party at the show in Las Vegas! We’re looking forward to meeting you!

AU sponsor Synergis Engineering Design Solutions

Synergis Engineering Design Solutions
Booth 126

Synergis Engineering Design Solutions is an Autodesk Platinum partner providing customers with best-in-class full solutions from pre- and post-sales support and training to consulting, implementation and custom programing.

Companies are benefiting from our unique Kaleidoscope service offering and seeing their business from a different perspective as we uncover ways to increase efficiency by eliminating bottlenecks, errors and duplicate work, resulting in improved productivity and profitability.

AU sponsor Tata Technologies

Tata Technologies

Tata Technologies is a premier Autodesk Gold Partner specialized in Industrial Design & Visualization, Simulation, and Product Design & Manufacturing. Founded in 1989, Tata Technologies is a global leader in Engineering Services Outsourcing and Product Development IT services to the US-based manufacturing industry.

Associate Sponsorstop

AU sponsor AUGI


AUGI is the Autodesk User Group International, officially recognized by Autodesk as representing the Autodesk user community. AUGI has two prime directives. The first is to assist its members by presenting programs and information that will enhance their use of Autodesk products.

The second is to deliver the voice of the user community to Autodesk, thus assisting Autodesk in product development and giving users a say in the process.

AU sponsor Autodesk Partner Products Catalog

Autodesk Partner Products Catalog

The Autodesk Partner Solutions Design Guides are essential online, print and digital resources for developers and designers using Autodesk® software solutions. Visit www.autodeskcatalog.com to learn more.

AU sponsor Desktop Engineering

Desktop Engineering

Desktop Engineering (DE) is the market leader in technology information for Design Engineers. Our print magazine, website, newsletters and blogs focus on what design engineering teams need to know about CAD, PLM, visualization, analysis, simulation, 3D scanning, additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, test and the computer systems that enable great design. DE delivers an audience of 60,000* design professionals who use DE as a resource of information to do their jobs smarter and faster.

AU sponsor IB Systems

IB Systems

IBSystems, Inc. delivers information and resources through its targeted websites and e-newsletters, and in some cases provides community infrastructures where members openly exchange ideas:

Visit one of our targeted resource sites today or join ShareCG and become a community member.

AU sponsor Tenlinks


TenLinks Daily delivers all the vital CAD, CAM, and CAE information to you. Every day. By email. For free. Sign up here.