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The Future of Making Things

November 14-16

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Convince your boss

At AU, you learn from the best in the business. That not only makes you more productive and valuable in your job, it provides insight and information you can share with your whole team when you return. Below you'll find a cost calculator and a sample email to help you convince your boss to pick up the tab. (Remember that the prices in the calculator are estimates. Update the amounts based on airfares from your location.)


  • "What…[I] get out of AU is knowledge from attending the classes, and also experience, and connections with people from different areas of expertise."

    —Istvan Voiculescu, Engineer Graduate, Austin Public Works

  • "This is my third year at AU and every year we come to AU to figure out what our innovations are going to be for the next year. It’s where we come up with our changes and learn what’s going on in the world that isn't in our little box."

    —AU Attendee

  • "This is not information for just 2 or 3 days, this is information I’ll use for the entire year. "

    —AU Attendee

Let these tools do the talking

Cost calculator

Registration $
Hotel $
Flight $
Taxi $
Meals $
Miscellaneous $
Total $

Sample email

Have you heard about AU—Autodesk University? It’s a great opportunity to learn about the future of making things and connect with the best in the business. I would love to attend AU 2016, November 15-17, in Las Vegas, because I think it would benefit our team, making us more productive and competitive.

As an AU attendee, I’ll be able to:

  • Explore new tools and technologies, plus get insider tips and tricks
  • Network with peers, partners, expert speakers, and Autodesk product teams
  • Learn new skills I can share with my colleagues
  • Take free Autodesk Certification exams (over 1,500 attendees took exams at AU last year)

How much will it cost?

Approximately for days.

See for yourself

Get all the details at the AU Las Vegas website.

Watch AU 2015 Las Vegas in 90 seconds! for a taste of the creativity and inspiration that is AU.

Please think it over and let me know if we can discuss this at our next 1:1 meeting.

Thank you!

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