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How is AU online related to the event?

AU online is an extension of AU events held around the world. Through the site, you can find most classes that have been presented and recorded at Autodesk University Las Vegas, as well as classes and sessions from AU International events. Check back often as we expand AU online into a year-round learning destination focused on professional development and the skills that improve your industry practice.

Do I need an Autodesk account to access AU learning online?

No. Most AU learning content is accessible to anyone, anywhere. You can also download material and save classes to access through My AU if you're logged in with your Autodesk Account.

What is My AU?

My AU is your personal dashboard that will host all the classes you’ve saved and viewed. You can access all the classes you registered for if you attended Autodesk University Las Vegas 2014, 2015, or 2016, as well as any materials you collected in the Exhibit Hall.

Why would I need an account?

While anyone can watch recorded classes online, you’ll need an account to download class materials including sample data sets, class guides, and more. Having an AU account will also allow you to save classes to watch later, keep track of what you’ve already watched, create and share playlists, and follow your favorite AU speakers. (This feature is coming soon.)

How do I get an Autodesk account?

Setting up an Autodesk account is simple. (And free.) Create your account now.

If you’ve attended an AU event or already have an Autodesk account, you can use it to log in to AU online. Your Autodesk account and your Autodesk University account are the same thing.

How much does an Autodesk account cost?

A big zero. Nada. It’s free to set up an account and access all the online materials including recorded classes.

Help! I’m having trouble with my Autodesk account.

If you already have an Autodesk account and need help, check out the Autodesk account FAQ for answers to all your questions, including how to retrieve your Autodesk ID or password.

Can my organization say that it uses AU materials? Can I translate them?

You may use AU materials if you give AU and the author(s) credit. (Seems fair, right?)

AU materials may be translated, but since we don't check translations you must include the following disclaimer:

"These Autodesk University materials have been translated into [LANGUAGE] by [YOUR INSTITUTION]. Autodesk University authors and Autodesk University have not reviewed or approved these translations and bear no responsibility for any inaccuracies in translation. Any inaccuracies or other defects contained in this material, due to inaccuracies in language translation, are the sole responsibility of [YOUR INSTITUTION] and not Autodesk University.”

As long as you include this disclaimer, we encourage you to spread AU learning around the world.

What are the guidelines for reusing AU online content?

While our goal is for AU content to reach and inspire Autodesk users around the world, we do have a few rules:

  • Don’t charge for it. Profit-making entities may not charge a fee when reusing AU online content.
  • Give credit where credit’s due. AU online content must be attributed to Autodesk University and to its author.
  • Construction
  • License it under Creative Commons. Any publication or distribution of AU online content, including production of electronic or printed materials or placement on a website, must offer the content freely and openly to others.

How should I cite my reuse of AU content?

We’re glad you asked. Here’s the proper citation format:

"This material was originally created for or adapted from material created for Autodesk University [YEAR]. Copyright © [YEAR] Autodesk, Inc. [FACULTY MEMBER’S NAME, IF APPLICABLE]."

Who owns the intellectual property for AU materials?

AU speakers retain ownership and copyright of all materials they create for Autodesk University. Autodesk retains ownership of other materials.

Can I save video files to my hard drive to watch later?

You sure can. Our new download feature gives you access to videos so you can watch them anytime, anywhere—with or without a Wi-Fi connection.

What if I want to contribute to Autodesk University or AU online?

We’re always looking for Autodesk experts to contribute to Autodesk University events and our online portal. We‘ll soon be rolling out a year-round program for content contribution, or visit the Autodesk Knowledge Network and become a contributor today. In the meantime, if you have a great idea for a topic and want to contribute, check out the Call for Proposals for updated information or send an email to

I just heard about the Autodesk Contributor Profile—what is it?

The Autodesk Contributor Profile combines a single public-facing profile which aggregates your most important contribution information—which remains the same no matter where you are on Autodesk properties—along with information specific to the property. You can access the Autodesk Account FAQ for more information or visit

I attended a great class at the conference—why can’t I find it online?

Not every session from the AU conference finds its way online. Roundtables, Panels, and most Hands-on Labs offer learning experiences that focus on interactions with the AU community of experts and are better left live and in-person. If you’re looking for a class from way back, it’s possible it’s no longer on the AU website. Try searching for the class on the AUGI website, where many of our sessions from years past can be found. (Shameless plug: AUGI is near and dear—if you’re not already a member, please consider joining.)

Where's the video?

We try to focus our recording efforts on the sessions that provide the most rigorous, in-product learning available. Classes offering thought leadership on the changing face of industry, engineering, and design practice are often not recorded. The good news is that you can download the class handouts and presentation materials if a video isn’t available. Chances are you’ll find amazing, rich learning content that you won’t find anywhere else. And if you do come across written class materials that aren’t up to snuff, we want to hear about it.