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Autodesk ReCap 360

We’ve compiled these resources to help you explore reality capture using ReCap 360 with your Autodesk software of choice. Whether you’re working in a laser-based or photo-based workflow, ReCap 360 products and services easily translate your reality capture data into meaningful, reliable 3D information that integrates seamlessly with Autodesk software (beginning with 2014 versions).

  • Subscribe to our Reality Computing YouTube channel for tons of videos to help you begin your design process with true dimensions and full photo-quality context instead of starting from scratch. Manipulate your reality-based model into a new design or use it to simulate real-world behavior.

  • Watch the video “Explore ReCap 360” to explore the advantages of reality capture using ReCap 360.

  • Learn how to work with 2D and 3D reality data from aerial images.