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Going all BIM in Civil Infrastructure

We’ve gathered these resources to help you learn more about innovative BIM processes and collaboration using interactive models. Use these resources to learn how to get the most out of BIM for your civil infrastructure projects.

  • Read about Arup’s consultancy work in Hong Kong’s MTR Shatin to Central Link, and how they used BIM to keep this complex rail project on track.

  • See how Autodesk Sustainability Solutions partnered on the Washington D.C. Sustainability plan to define a vision for a data-rich City Model capturing all of the District’s energy and water flows.

  • Discover how model-based design and collaboration were key to developing a new post-tensioning system for London’s 50-year-old Hammersmith Flyover, without closing the bridge during construction.

  • Learn how HNTB employed a model-based workflow and a BIM process to create their striking new design for Los Angeles’s 6th Street Viaduct.

  • Find out how a small firm used BIM for design collaboration, simplified data hand-off and integration, and to speed design iterations on Austin’s Walnut Park development project.