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  • Julian Jameson (2013)

    1-2-3-6D: A Client's Most Influential Dimension to Make BIM Fly

    • Building Design Suite, Infrastructure Design Suite

    Key Learning

    • Explain the process of uploading assets from Revit®-based software to Maximo using various methods, such as IFC, COBie, or direct transfer
    • Use improved navigation of 3D models directly linked to Maximo to visually identify assets
    • Describe business integration opportunities with design information flowing to construction, to facilities management, and back to design
    • Explain how a virtual building handover improves business
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  • Sebastian Kramer (2013)

    2 Fast 2 Furious? Avoid Problems Caused by Rapid Energy Turnaround with Autodesk GIS

    • Infrastructure Design Suite, Infrastructure Map Server

    Key Learning

    • Avoid problems caused by the rapid energy turnaround by using AutoCAD Map 3D and other applications
    • Use mobile GIS based on MapGuide Open Source both online and offline for operational and breakdown services
    • Describe the practical interaction between AutoCAD Map 3D and other systems such as grid calculation or planning systems
    • Explain how to create interfaces to other enterprise applications, such as SAP®, IBM® Informix® databases, and WebGIS
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  • Larry Kleinkemper (2013)

    21 Time-Saving Tips, Workarounds, and Best Practices for As-Built MEP Projects

    • Building Design Suite, 3ds Max Entertainment Creation Suite

    Key Learning

    • Create an as-built model and workflow that uses the latest software tools and best practices to maximize efficiency
    • Collect the necessary amount of on-site laser scan data in the most efficient process
    • Understand how third-party software plug-ins can augment as-built modeling in Revit
    • Implement an array of time-saving scanning and modeling tips on your very next MEP project
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  • Robert Green (2013)

    2D to 3D: What Not to Do

    Key Learning

    • Minimize user hesitancy and resistance
    • Avoid standards and process errors
    • Minimize implementation costs via training
    • Avoid IT and hardware errors
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  • Key Learning

    • Extract more value from your computing resources
    • Increase productivity through flexible and scalable computing infrastructure
    • Identify opportunities to extend existing environments into the cloud
    • Articulate the security advantages of design and engineering in the cloud
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  • Key Learning

    • Determine and describe the value of 3D printing
    • Determine and describe the value of CNC machining
    • Assess when to use 3D printing versus when to use CNC machining
    • Calculate costs associated with 3D printing and CNC machining
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  • Key Learning

    • Prepare for success in 3ds Max Certification by reviewing the certification preparation
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  • shawn hendriks (2013)

    3ds Max Power Tips

    • 3ds Max, 3ds Max Design

    Key Learning

    • Increase your efficiency with the software
    • Use new techniques
    • Save production time
    • Impress your co-workers with all the new tricks you know
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  • Lynn Allen (2013)

    60 AutoCAD Tips in 60 Minutes

    • AutoCAD Design Suite

    Key Learning

    • Use fewer steps to accomplish maximum productivity
    • Apply valuable AutoCAD shortcuts that save time
    • Customize the AutoCAD UI for maximum efficiency
    • Share secrets that AutoCAD gurus know
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  • Sunith Babu (2013)

    60 Inventor Tips in 60 Minutes

    • Product Design Suite, Simulation Products

    Key Learning

    • Be more productive while using Inventor
    • Employ productivity-enhancing techniques while using Inventor
    • Customize Inventor
    • Use hidden capabilities in Inventor
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