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  • Pal Janson, Tomas Lindgren, Claus Vemgaard (2018)

    How Lean Construction evolves with BIM and Data management

  • Key Learning

    • See how Fusion Lifecycle can be used to document even the most complex of NPI processes.
    • Learn how process workflows can be used to improve collaboration by engaging and organising disparate teams and departments.
    • See how tasks can be assigned to an
    • Understand how, having real-time accurate reports, can provide management a high-level view of any given project.
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  • Martin Coyne, Max Fenton (2018)

    Implementation: Refresh

    Key Learning

    • Re-invigorating your BIM implementation and usage
    • What makes a BIM document effective and useful (EIRs, BEPs, etc.)
    • How can you ensure your training programme is effective?
    • How can you aid the successful implementation of new software tools and processes?
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  • Key Learning

    • This class will give you the tools and methodology to discover and win opportunities within an Industry 4.0 initiative.
    • Learn end to end workflow how to digitalize the factories for new (Greenfield) and existing (Brownfield) factories.
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  • Mohammad Abou Assali (2018)

    InfraWorks - Think outside the box

    Key Learning

    • Learn how InfraWorks can be used for different types of analysis (like natural ventilation)
    • Learn how InfraWorks can be used for assessing the traffic impact of construction projects
    • Learn how to augment geotechnical data into InfraWorks for better project design
    • Learn how InfraWorks can be used to simulate flooding scenarios in 3D
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn how InfraWorks can help with infrastructure construction planning
    • Learn how InfraWorks can help to communicate the planned construction progress
    • Learn how to combine InfraWorks with information for Vehicle Tracking
    • Learn how Vehicle Tracking can help in the construction process
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  • Ahmad Khairat (2018)

    Infraworks hands on

    Key Learning

    • Learn the tools and explore tips and techniques that will enable you to get up and running with InfraWorks 360 software.
    • Learn how to find and incorporate data-to-model existing conditions, for others to collaborate.
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  • Key Learning

    • Showing best practices regarding Augmented Reality in engineering consultancy
    • Discussing the future of the AEC industry and the role of AR and Digital Twins
    • Sharing valuable lessons from our AR applications development processes
    • Understand a strategy for the use of families for complex interior fit out elements within apartment model
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  • Geoff Alder (2018)

    Interior Design to VR

    Key Learning

    • Understand the importance of Virtual Reality
    • Understand the benefits of Virtual Reality
    • Explore the workflow of moving existing data to VR
    • Review the synergy between Autodesk products interior design
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  • Peter de Strijker (2018)

    Inventor 2019 - Deep Dive 1

    Key Learning

    • Learn what Model Based Definition (MBD) means from an industry perspective
    • There are clear indications of adoption of model-based practices in the industry like STE AP242 standard.
    • Customers will be able to reduce their dependence on 2D drawings and digitize their design-to-manufacturing processes.
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