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  • Key Learning

    • At the conclusion of this class, attendees will be able to differentiate between BIM and Revit
    • Knowing the importance of using BIM documents and standards
    • Knowing how to deal with mega projects using BIM process
    • Road mapping for successful BIM Implementation
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  • Pervenche D'Audiffret, Philippe Druesne (2018)

    BIM Data Management for Operation and Maintenance

    Key Learning

    • Sharing experience
    • Operation reflection
    • Maintenance reflection
    • Experimentation
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  • Key Learning

    • External and internal BIM goals identification
    • Develop templates to serve your project goals
    • Changing the mindsets to enable more collaboration
    • Model classification methodologies. and clash avoidance plan and clash ranking
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  • Key Learning

    • Appreciation of leading BIM Implementation in the Middle East
    • Understanding of what it takes to develop original thinking and knock traditional trends
    • The importance of knowledgeable clients open to discuss and adapt the delivery of the project in light of expert advice
    • The ability to take these lessons learned and apply them to your own next project
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  • Aurelie De Boissieu, Radu Gidei (2018)

    BIM on Large-Scale Projects

    Key Learning

    • Understand the impact of early decisions on delivery infrastructure & team organisation
    • mobilisation of a large-scale team for a large-scale project
    • Learn how to approach projects as a workflow = computational design approach at project-scale
    • Learn real-world ways to tackle issues & challenges on large projects
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  • Key Learning

    • Understand the added value of cloud technologies in infrastructure projects
    • Get an understanding of how InfraWorks is cloud enabled
    • Get an understanding of the useful Autodesk cloud services for civil infrastructure projects
    • Understand how to use the cloud to optimize project review processes
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  • Jochen Tanger (2018)

    Cloud security

    Key Learning

    • Get a common understanding about cloud security, what Autodesk does to protect your data
    • How to engage with Autodesk to address further questions
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  • Key Learning

    • Understand the technology and its business benefits
    • Know how to approach implementation of C4R in a major project environment
    • Understand and drive the business change aspects
    • Understand the key dependencies across the organization
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  • Key Learning

    • Understand the latest version of BIM 360 and the key functionalities
    • Upload Models and Documents
    • Publish documents
    • Manage RFIs
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  • Key Learning

    • Bridge Planning: Quickly analyze alternatives for bridge positioning including watershed analysis, flood simulation .
    • Learn how precise geometry commands are used to create bridge geometry including horizontal and vertical alignments
    • Bridges are created in InfraWorks models by simply specifying its limits where they are automatically placed
    • Every part that forms the bridge superstructure can be created and interact with each other using specific parameters
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