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  • John Mack (2015)

    MEP Fabrication: Small to Mid-Size Companies

    • Fabrication CADmep
    • AutoCAD MEP

    Key Learning

    • Learn how fabrication affects job-site safety
    • Discover how placement of equipment/machinery affects productivity
    • Discover how culture and behavior of people affect productivity
    • Discover the fruits of capitalizing on software for BIM coordination for fabrication
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  • Jay Shoemaker (2015)

    Moldflow User Certification

    • Moldflow Insight

    Key Learning

    • Take the Moldflow Insight Associate Exam
    • Take the Moldflow Insight Professional Exam
    • Discuss the exam with the exam author
    • Discuss the use of Moldflow Insight with experts
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  • Donnie Gladfelter (2015)

    Predictable Non-Compliance: Why Users Ignore CAD/BIM Standards

    • AutoCAD
    • AutoCAD
    • Revit for Architects

    Key Learning

    • Learn how standards enforcement practices affect compliance
    • Establish a CAD/BIM standardization plan that’s designed for compliance
    • Learn how to develop CAD/BIM standards based on the internal constraints of an organization
    • Learn how to successfully implement CAD/BIM standards without the authority to enforce their use
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  • David Massaro (2015)

    React Fluids—Analyzing Revit Pipe and Duct Systems

    • Revit for MEP Engineers
    • Robot Structural Analysis Professional

    Key Learning

    • Learn when to use this new tool
    • Learn how to best use Revit data
    • Discuss importance of Revit family data
    • Shape the future design of this product
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  • Raffaele Sammarco (2015)

    TWS ETO Application—An Innovative Wheels-Selling Solution System

    • Configurator 360
    • Inventor

    Key Learning

    • Discover Inventor Engineer-to-Order and Configurator 360
    • Practice implementing Inventor Engineer-to-Order and Configurator 360
    • Learn about integration of several software in the same workflow (Inventor Engineer-to-Order / Configurator 360, Inventor, TWS ETO application)
    • Discover innovation technology introduced in the production/solution selling process
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn how to navigate the Autodesk Community in its many forms
    • Learn about setting up user accounts and preferences
    • Learn how to effectively ask and answer questions
    • Learn general rules and guidelines of behavior
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  • Russ Nicloy (2015)

    Addressing Complex Designs with AutoCAD Civil 3D

    • AutoCAD Civil 3D

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to use the alignment and profile relationship differently
    • Learn how to make grading an appropriate solution in some situations
    • Discover the use of a "setup" corridor for precise targeting
    • Learn how to deal with the real-world complexities of an AutoCAD Civil 3D project
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  • Dan Leighton (2015)

    AutoCAD Utility Design for the Little Guy

    • AutoCAD Utility Design

    Key Learning

    • Discover the essential elements to document AutoCAD Utility Design implementation requirements
    • Learn about the required and optional elements of an AutoCAD Utility Design configuration
    • Discover a practical phased-implementation approach for AutoCAD Utility Design
    • Discover the benefits of AutoCAD Utility Design for small and mid-size utilities
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  • Kayleigh Houde (2015)

    BIM Boot Camp

    • Revit for MEP Engineers
    • Revit for Architects

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to create a timeline for your training program
    • Learn how to develop content-based sessions
    • Learn how to construct training materials and best practice manuals
    • Learn how to open the lines of communication between the engineer and the BIM coordinator
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  • Ryan Cameron (2015)

    Cloudy with a Chance of Design—Part 2

    • Autodesk 360
    • Revit for MEP Engineers

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to navigate cloud products
    • Discover how others are using cloud products for making
    • Discover knowledge about tried-and-true workflows
    • Discuss techniques, tips, and tricks with the A360 platform
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