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  • Deepak Maini (2014)

    Factory Design Suite: The Power is in the Workflow

    • Inventor, AutoCAD Architecture, Revit for Architects, ReCap, Process Analysis 360, Navisworks, Autodesk 360, A360, A360

    Key Learning

    • Learn about 1 to 1 sync between AutoCAD software and Inventor software
    • Learn about Revit software interoperability with Inventor software
    • Learn how to use the Autodesk 360 cloud services to exchange data
    • Learn how to use Navisworks software to create collaborated factory designs with factory buildings and machine layouts
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  • Donnie Gladfelter (2014)

    Grounded Collaboration: Putting Revit, AutoCAD Civil 3D, and InfraWorks Models in Their Places

    • AutoCAD Civil 3D, InfraWorks, Revit for Structural Engineers, Revit for MEP Engineers, Revit for Construction, Revit for Architects

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to configure shared coordinates in Revit software models that align with AutoCAD Civil 3D software coordinates
    • Learn how to incorporate Revit software data in AutoCAD Civil 3D software and AutoCAD Civil 3D software data (Toposurfaces) in Revit software
    • Build an existing conditions model within InfraWorks software
    • Present Revit software models and AutoCAD Civil 3D software models in the context of their surroundings with InfraWorks software
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  • Frode Saetre (2014)

    Using InfraWorks 360 for an Infrastructure Project in the Cloud

    • Autodesk 360, A360, A360, AutoCAD Civil 3D

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to communicate your design to your clients through the cloud
    • Gain knowledge about how a full infrastructure project can be conducted in InfraWorks 360 software
    • Learn how to utilize geographic information system (GIS) data in the early parts of the design process
    • Learn how to get precise road data into InfraWorks 360 software
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  • Martin Duke (2013)

    How to Excel at Data Extraction

    • AutoCAD

    Key Learning

    • Extract data from drawings for reuse in tables or other drawings
    • Link drawings to Excel spreadsheets
    • Create tables from extracted data
    • Improve reliability of data by minimizing the potential for human error
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  • Kimberley Hendrix (2012)

    Creating Custom Content for Autodesk® Plant Design Suite

    • Autodesk Plant Design Suite
    • AutoCAD P&ID

    Key Learning

    • Create and maintain project templates that include custom content
    • Copy custom content from one project to another
    • Create and modify custom AutoCAD P&ID symbols
    • Create and modify custom AutoCAD Plant 3D symbols
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  • Sharing Your Site in Autodesk® Revit®

    • Autodesk Building Design Suite
    • AutoCAD

    Key Learning

    • Share your models with other firms with accuracy and confidence
    • Set up campus plans
    • Describe the site tools in Revit
    • Manage the most common scenarios that necessitate creating a shared coordinate system in Revit
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn how to produce early stage structural models in AutoCAD Plant 3D
    • Learn how to optimize and elaborate the structural model in different environments
    • Explore the extended interoperability between different Autodesk Solutions
    • Discover the possibilities of the different Autodesk Solutions
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  • Eric Van Wijland (2016)

    The Challenges of Coordinating an Infrastructure Project in the Netherlands

    • Revit Structure
    • AutoCAD Civil 3D

    Key Learning

    • Discover how to organize a project from conceptual design to detailed design, including the construction phase
    • Gain tips for managing your CAD data with a DMS-like Vault
    • Learn how to combine and exchange designs from multiple disciplines
    • Learn about optimization examples to use in your own project
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn how to identify the top challenges when planning the BIM execution of megaprojects
    • Learn how to devise QA/QC strategies for BIM processes on a large scale
    • Learn the top 10 technologies that helped expedite the documentation of a large project
    • Learn the importance of a communication plan in projects with large numbers of stakeholders
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  • Key Learning

    • Add rich data to an infrastructure model
    • Configure the Navisworks COBie Extension based on client asset information requirements
    • Set-up and manage property dataset definitions
    • Use several new product features in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017
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