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  • Robert Voelker (2013)

    Introduction to Storytelling: It's Not Just Fairy Tales at Bedtime

    • Building Design Suite, Navisworks Products

    Key Learning

    • Organize graphical, visual, diagrammatic, and data elements as a well-orchestrated presentation
    • Generate compelling presentations into thoughtful, passionate, and entertaining storytelling formats
    • Persuade positive responses with well-presented supportive design features prior to the final crescendo
    • Combine Autodesk presentation programs and personalized storytelling techniques to achieve desired results
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  • Stephen Brockwell (2017)

    Citywide Reality Capture for Infrastructure Design Using InfraWorks and AutoCAD Civil 3D

    • AutoCAD Civil 3D
    • AutoCAD
    • InfraWorks
    • AutoCAD Map 3D

    Key Learning

    • Understand the business process and benefits of street-level, mobile reality capture at the scale of the municipality
    • Understand how photorealistic street-level data and colorized LIDAR can work together to provide a low-cost source of design measurement and visualization data
    • Learn the principles of working with AutoCAD Civil 3D to integrate these tools into the design process, including tips on application development
    • Learn how InfraWorks can access this data for even stronger visualization and native 3D design
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  • John Higgs (2012)

    Non-Photorealistic Renderings Inside Autodesk 3ds Max® Design

    • Autodesk 3ds Max Design
    • Autodesk 3ds Max

    Key Learning

    • Create animations that resemble sketches and paintings
    • Use the appropriate styles for complementing the various phases of the architectural process
    • Perform basic modeling, texturing, compositing, and layering techniques as they relate to stylized images
    • Explain the methodology for creating unique textures
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  • Key Learning

    • Generate design iterations efficiently by combining Revit parametric modeling with the powerful editing capabilities of 3ds Max
    • Use techniques and tips that help you create effective renderings in 3ds Max to support and present design solutions
    • Recognize and take advantage of the added value that 3ds Max brings over Revit in visualizing design iterations
    • Apply a robust Revit-to-3ds Max workflow by understanding 3D data flow between the two applications
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  • Khaled Abdelgawad (2017)

    Creating 2D/3D As-Built Models from Point Cloud for Huge Special-Use Buildings

    • Revit
    • 3ds Max
    • ReCap Pro
    • AutoCAD

    Key Learning

    • Discover a best practice for converting point cloud files to 2D/3D as-built models
    • Learn how to evaluate different scan-to-BIM tools and select the best one for your project
    • Learn how to implement an effective scan-to-BIM workflow for huge construction projects
    • Learn how to apply quality checks on the generated models and make sure they capture the reality
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  • Scott Dewoody (2017)

    VR: Designing the Experience

    • 3ds Max
    • Revit
    • Autodesk Stingray

    Key Learning

    • Discover experiences and the storytelling of VR
    • Review VR solutions and applications
    • Review best practices for designing the experience
    • Learn how VR helps with design and the bottom line
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  • Key Learning

    • Transfer Inventor models effectively into 3ds Max for rendering
    • Create simple scene setups in 3ds Max for achieving professional-looking renderings
    • Set up and animate models in 3ds Max
    • Create both still and animated renderings inside of 3ds Max
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  • Sheryl Yang (2016)

    Construction to FM: BIM Data Handover Can Be Easy and Effective

    • BIM 360 Field
    • Building Ops

    Key Learning

    • Understand best practices of defining handover requirements for BIM data
    • Explore the workflows for seamless BIM data exchange from design and construction to FM
    • Learn how to use Autodesk technologies to easily implement COBie
    • Discover different BIM data deliverable formats
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn how to position yourself as an expert
    • Learn how to gain a following and create an online presence inside studios and all over the web
    • Learn how to target specific studios that will benefit your career, and eliminate competition by getting into studios via the backdoor
    • Learn how to treat yourself as a business and build your brand
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  • Paul Chen (2017)

    Visualization of Design Using Augmented Reality and Smart Wearable Devices

    • BIM Docs
    • BIM 360 Docs
    • Revit
    • Inventor

    Key Learning

    • Understand the visualization pipeline that enables live viewing of heavy CAD models in augmented reality on DAQRI devices
    • Learn how to configure CAD models for optimal viewing performance on DAQRI smart devices
    • Understand how Forge services can be used to optimize the CAD model and convert files to types that are supported by Unity-based applications
    • Understand how IoT live-asset performance information from sensors can be displayed in the right context using augmented reality
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