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  • Gary Radburn (2016)

    VR / AR the new frontier

    • Autodesk Stingray
    • 3ds Max
    • Revit

    Key Learning

    • See that VR is not all about games
    • Seeing designs in VR will help sell your ideas
    • Understand the requirements for commercial VR systems
    • See what tools and resources Dell has available for VR success
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn how to recognize the various modeling tools available in 3ds Max Design software
    • Learn how to use these tools to create striking models
    • Learn how to determine which tool is appropriate for which task
    • Understand how to use these tools to augment the quality of your Revit software models
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  • Jason Reece (2013)

    Visual Planning: BIM for Safety

    • Building Design Suite, Inventor Products

    Key Learning

    • Describe different ways to create a model to enhance safety communication
    • Explain the effectiveness of traditional safety communication methods versus modeling
    • Share case studies where a safety model either improved safety communication or could have
    • Identify the tools and techniques for using safety models on mobile devices
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  • Key Learning

    • Discover the components of material appearance
    • Discover how to virtualize materials in rendering applications
    • Discover new technology that will enable users to recreate the real characteristics of materials in their renderings
    • Discover how to use physical materials in VRED 2016
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  • Pascal Seifert (2015)

    Light Simulation with VRED

    • VRED

    Key Learning

    • Discover the fundamental features of VRED that support light-simulation
    • Learn how to differentiate between various ray trace modes (photon mapping versus path tracing, RGB versus spectral rendering)
    • Discover use of light simulation data (IES or RAY files) and the pros and cons of these data formats
    • Discover how to work with realistic material properties such as multicolor component material like a rear-light cover glass
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn how to effectively set up models in Revit software for rendering
    • Learn how to set up the link between Revit software and 3ds Max software
    • Learn how to set up lights, cameras, and materials in 3ds Max software
    • Learn how to render outputs and iterate options
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  • Matt Dillon (2014)

    Rendering and Animation for Building Design with 3ds Max

    • 3ds max, Revit for Architects

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to use File Link Manager effectively to import geometry, materials, and cameras from Revit software
    • Learn how to fine-tune the scene with exposure settings, 3ds Max software cameras, and lighting
    • Learn how to control exposure, global illumination, and render settings for still-image renderings
    • Learn how to use Keyframes, RAM Player, and Video Post to create compelling animation sequences
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  • Laurent Abecassis (2012)

    Think Outside the Box: Custom Development with Autodesk® Entertainment Creation Suites

    • Autodesk 3ds Max Entertainment Creation Suite
    • Autodesk Maya

    Key Learning

    • Rapidly start a customization project for Autodesk software that is available in the creation suites
    • Identify the programming area to focus on, based on needs and the production platform
    • List each programming language that is available for customizing Autodesk products that are available in the creation suites
    • Identify the key differences between each of the Autodesk 3D products
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn how to more accurately document existing buildings using scan data
    • Discover differing versions of visualization from point cloud data and into ReCap software, Revit software, and Navisworks software
    • Learn about the workflow and manipulation of scan data into ReCap software and linked into the Revit software Environment
    • Learn how to utilize large-scale scans and effective division of data
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  • Key Learning

    • Discover how to apply tools traditionally used for visual effects to mechanical design
    • See how MassFX can be used as a fast solution for working out mechanical designs
    • See how various features in 3ds Max software can be used to create quicker previsualizations
    • Understand how rigging tools in 3ds Max software can be used to design working mechanical assemblies
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