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  • Cristina Marquez (2013)

    Some Day I'll Find a Way: Upgrade Design with Plant Design Suite

    • Plant Design Suite, Vault Products

    Key Learning

    • Describe best practices for migrating a 2D engineering design group to adopt 3D technology and BIM
    • Collaborate using Plant Design Suite, Civil 3D, AutoCAD Electrical, and Vault
    • Improved engineering workflows and engineering data management with Vault
    • Propose a study to develop specifications, a solution architecture, and an implementation plan for 2D to 3D migration
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  • Key Learning

    • Describe SCE’s solutions to many workflow challenges faced in the design processes
    • List key lessons learned from SCE’s AutoCAD Utility Design and ERP implementation
    • Explain how AutoCAD Utility Design can fit into an integrated suite of work management tools
    • Effectively integrate AutoCAD Utility Design with external tools and ERP/SAP to optimize workflow
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  • Trevor Scullion (2015)

    Automating Design Checks for Substation Projects

    • Inventor
    • AutoCAD Electrical

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to design intelligent 3D models and 2D symbols to perform design validations
    • Learn how to configure design checks in Inventor
    • Learn how to configure design checks in AutoCAD Electrical
    • Learn how to configure Substation Design Suite to capitalize on design validations
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  • Terri Humel (2015)

    From 2D AutoCAD to 3D Inventor

    • Inventor
    • AutoCAD

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to move from 2D drawings to 3D models with minimal learning curve
    • Learn how to copy and paste from AutoCAD to create Inventor parts
    • Learn how to use the 2D to 3D add-in from Autodesk Labs
    • Learn how to export AutoCAD files and import into Inventor as parts and/or assemblies
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  • Key Learning

    • Discover data management lessons learned for electric utilities
    • Learn about data management support for external contractor/vendor
    • Learn data management effective practices for Vault software configurations
    • Discover data management business process rules for lifecycle and categories
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  • Stephen Brockwell (2013)

    Multidiscipline GIS: A Case Study of the City of Alexandria

    • Infrastructure Design Suite, Infrastructure Map Server

    Key Learning

    • Describe the intricate process of setting up a multidiscipline GIS
    • Explain the process for data acquisition and how to obtain high-resolution imagery
    • Navigate the technological issues that can present themselves in a multidiscipline GIS
    • Describe the City of Alexandria's process for implementing Autodesk technology for utilities
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  • Robert Stein (2016)

    A New Kind of Dewey Decimal for Your Library

    • AutoCAD Electrical
    • Vault Professional

    Key Learning

    • Understand the Electrical Libraries
    • Understand Vault Lifecycles and Securities
    • Understand AutoCAD Electrical SQL Catalog
    • Understand how to manage it all
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  • Sudarshan Ramalingam (2016)

    Connecting the Dots—How to Integrate BIM Within the Enterprise

    • AutoCAD Electrical
    • BIM 360 Field

    Key Learning

    • Learn how Autodesk BIM solution architecture can be capitalized on in your enterprise
    • Explore and learn how to integrate BIM into your enterprise architecture
    • Learn how to identify the BIM-related data existing in the enterprise which needs to be related and distributed
    • Learn how to use Autodesk BIM solution APIs for integrated flow of information through the enterprise
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  • Terri Humel (2013)

    Designing Substations Part by Part with Inventor

    • Product Design Suite, Vault Products

    Key Learning

    • Create standardized content using improved sketching techniques
    • Alter standard models to fit any unique application
    • Create an accurate parts list using intelligent 3D models
    • Quickly generate quality construction drawings
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  • Eric Vincent (2013)

    How to Survive in a Multi-Vendor GIS Environment

    • AutoCAD Map 3D

    Key Learning

    • Configure AutoCAD Map 3D configuration options and use recommended procedures and workflow strategies
    • Implement integration scenarios in multi-vendor environment using tools and technologies that are available today
    • Share design data within your utility throughout the data maintenance lifecycle
    • Gain productivity and efficiency in use of design data in your enterprise while minimizing the change management
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