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  • Cole Smith (2014)

    LiDAR: How Southern California Edison Visualized Success

    • AutoCAD Utility Design, AutoCAD

    Key Learning

    • Understand the benefits and challenges of LiDAR
    • Learn how LiDAR can integrate into Design Solutions
    • Learn how to use a range of methodologies, data collection, analysis, and workflows
    • Learn how to apply lessons learned and look forward from these processes
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  • Deeter Smith (2013)

    Case Study: 3D Conceptual Design and Analysis with InfraWorks at Okaloosa Gas

    • Infrastructure Modeler, AutoCAD Products

    Key Learning

    • Describe how InfraWorks is being used at Okaloosa Gas for 3D visualization, conceptual design, and analysis
    • Use your existing 2D data to create a 3D model and generate more value
    • Use InfraWorks to assess impact to the utility from local infrastructure changes
    • List new capabilities and benefits from using InfraWorks instead of 2D data
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  • Key Learning

    • Describe your own workflows and approach to building your own underground electrical models
    • List the tips and tricks you can use when prototyping your guidelines and principles
    • Describe the industry model capabilities for managing structural and electrical underground networks
    • Decide if the electric industry model capabilities can help your organization with underground modeling
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  • Key Learning

    • Create a detailed network of connectivity at the equipment level, applying it to the real-world installation
    • Use dynamic blocks in AutoCAD Utility Design to add more detail to the electrical network for customer and utility crews
    • Draft primary cable linetypes to underground and overhead equipment, placing crucial symbols and text to further the rendering
    • Place riser details showing the quadrants of underground conduit/cables for high and low voltage utilities attached to a pole
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  • Key Learning

    • Describe best practices for getting started with InfraWorks, ReCap and PLM 360
    • Identify ways that InfraWorks, ReCap and PLM 360 might benefit the utility workflows
    • Recognize the various limitations of current product solutions
    • Describe the future direction of reality capture and augmented reality technology
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  • Greg Nightingale (2015)

    3D Substation Design—A Brownfield Approach

    • Inventor

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to design in 3D with the intention to combine with existing substation drawings
    • Learn how to configure Inventor drawings with existing CAD files
    • Learn how to manage the BOM and parts lists ready for exporting to multiple Microsoft Excel sheets
    • Learn how to design with reference data such as 2D CAD files, point clouds, and AutoCAD Civil 3D surfaces
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  • Key Learning

    • Discover methodologies for business-requirements gathering and strategic planning
    • Learn how to implement methods used to develop requirements, solution design, rollout plan, and business case
    • Learn how to apply and customize Arizona Public Service’s plan for implementing BIM for utilities to your own organization
    • Discover strategies for planning for, adopting, and implementing new technology
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  • Arnold Fry (2013)

    Substation Assemblies for Inventor

    • Product Design Suite, Vault Products

    Key Learning

    • Establish required custom properties for parts and assemblies based on the Enterprise Asset Management attribute template
    • Define standard values for required properties by creating enforceable lists inside Vault Professional
    • Create and edit items for parts and assemblies
    • Create item-defined parts and assemblies by attaching to parent items
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  • Andy Morsell (2013)

    One Year Later: Migrating to AutoCAD Map 3D Enterprise Electric

    • Infrastructure Design Suite

    Key Learning

    • List the business needs driving migration needs
    • Identify potential business areas where project problems might arise
    • Describe challenges you might encounter when interfacing with other systems
    • Identify challenges faced during production rollout of a new application
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