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  • Tatjana Dzambazova (2014)

    Mastering the Reality with Reality Masters

    • Project Memento, ReCap

    Key Learning

    • Learn about reality capture and reality computing—what it is and why you should care
    • Get inspired by the many new opportunities open with reality computing
    • Learn what you need—from capture to processing—to make high-quality digital masters
    • Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of various capture technics and tools for processing
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  • Tatjana Dzambazova (2012)

    Reality Capture with Laser Scanning or Photos? How Do We Pick Which to Use?

    • None
    • Autodesk Revit for Architects

    Key Learning

    • Apply the best reality capture method to your project
    • Use an end-to-end workflow from reality capture to final physical prototype
    • Explain the differences between capture devices and methods
    • List the advantages of each reality capture method and associated tools
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  • Tatjana Dzambazova (2013)

    New Reality

    • Project Memento, ReCap Pro, ReCap Photo, Explorer x3D

    Key Learning

    • Describe the new solution for full workflow starting from photo and laser data and ending with a high-quality model
    • Employ best practices for making the best possible acquisition
    • Assess the value proposition of this new solution
    • Use the new product
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  • Tatjana Dzambazova (2016)

    From Reality to Design – ReMake and Fusion360!

    • Autodesk ReMake
    • Fusion 360
    • ReCap 360

    Key Learning

    • learn about a new sofwtare Autodesk ReMake (formerly known as Memento)
    • learn how to make useful 3d models from reality
    • get inspired by amazingly inspiring success stories
    • learn tips and tricks to speed up your success rate
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  • Tatjana Dzambazova (2016)

    SHOW, TELL and SELL!

    • Fusion 360
    • Fusion 360
    • Maya

    Key Learning

    • Learn the possibilities of Project Play
    • Learn from analyzing amazing examples of product configurators, sales pitches, instructions guides etc
    • Learn the basics of this node based editor to create rich VR and web INTERACTIVE expereince
    • learn how to present designs and products made with Fusion360, Maya, AutoCAD, Revit etc in browser
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