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  • Key Learning

    • Adjust the model when changes arise
    • Model a general grading scheme for a site project
    • Model fine detail such as curbs, walls, and steps
    • Project site geometry to the general grading scheme to model design elevations
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  • Mark Fyson (2017)

    Total Digital Design: 21st Century Delivery of an Iconic Stadium

    • Revit Structure
    • CFD
    • Navisworks Freedom
    • Navisworks Simulate

    Key Learning

    • Develop and optimise collaborative workflows between architects & engineers to eliminate waste & deliver outstanding designs
    • Free up time to think, review, and test by knowing that the project delivery is robust and on track
    • Provide an insight into the learning and development requirements of your team to compete in the digital age
    • Optimise solutions that are sustainable, coordinated, buildable and can be flexible to accommodate future change
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  • Valentin Koch (2014)

    A Magic Button for Optimized Roadway Design

    • InfraWorks, AutoCAD Civil 3D

    Key Learning

    • Understand the differences between Profile Optimization and Corridor Optimization and when to use them in your projects
    • Learn how to optimize configuration of each service for effective results
    • Learn how to evaluate Solutions returned by the optimization services
    • Learn how to transfer optimized results into AutoCAD Civil 3D software for detailed design work
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn how to find and tell the story that best communicates the strengths of an architectural project
    • Discover how best to use visualizations and film in architecture
    • Learn how top studios have built successful business around architectural storytelling
    • Discover how compelling imagery can shape successful architecture
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  • Key Learning

    • List services you can add to product offerings
    • List key technology trends
    • Describe how to take advantage of these trends
    • Describe opportunities for business transformation
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  • Juan Carlos Garza (2015)

    Revit and SOFiSTiK, the Perfect BIM Solution for Design and Structural Analysis

    • Revit for Structural Engineers
    • Revit for Construction

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to optimize your design workflow
    • Discover how to model analytical lines and areas in Revit, and then design and analyze in SOFiSTiK FEA
    • Discover how to assemble easy shop drawings
    • Learn how to start a structure design project from scratch
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  • Ajit Menon (2013)

    Building Design Suite: BIM Roundtable

    • Building Design Suite, Cloud Services

    Key Learning

    • Describe the benefits of setting up a BIM framework based on your resources and Building Design Suite
    • Use firsthand honest feedback from companies that have devised a successful project workflow using Building Design Suite
    • Prepare better for potential problems and hurdles in a workflow that deploys Building Design Suite
    • Use real world knowledge in the form of valuable tips that help you better understand the workflows within the suite
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  • Ian Molloy (2012)

    Autodesk® 360 Energy Analysis for Autodesk® Revit®: An Introduction to Innovative New Workflows

    • Autodesk Revit for Architects
    • Autodesk Green Building Studio

    Key Learning

    • Create energy analysis model documentation using Revit views and schedules
    • Collaborate with engineers/energy analysts to optimize the design and ensure validity
    • Run whole building energy simulation directly from Revit and powered by the Green Building Studio cloud service
    • Use certain Revit objects to capture varying levels of design detail at different stages throughout the building lifecycle
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  • Key Learning

    • Discover how owners can streamline the turnover process from design/construction teams via COBie Toolkit
    • Debate which model deliverables from which project team members can serve the widest range of BIM objectives for owners
    • Learn how to identify opportunities to validate immediate ROI numbers from a BIM-project delivery standard
    • Discuss how industry standards are providing more consistent deliverable outcomes from design/construction professionals
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  • Majid Miri (2017)

    Enhanced Parametric Facades: The Case of the A1 Building in Baoshan Park

    • Revit Architecture
    • Dynamo Studio

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to create high impact architecture in early stage design using adaptive components
    • Learn how to obtain the same result using Dynamo visual programming
    • Discover how to create parametric adaptive components based on solar radiation with Dynamo and Radiance
    • Learn how to make your parametric design geometrically consistent
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