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  • Jeong Woo (2012)

    How Do You Integrate Sustainable Design and BIM in a Multidisciplinary Design-Build Curriculum?

    • Autodesk Revit for Construction
    • Autodesk Navisworks Manage

    Key Learning

    • Incorporate multidisciplinary design technologies
    • Use BIM for sustainable building design
    • Integrate sustainable design with BIM in a design-build studio
    • Set up a design-build studio
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  • Sarah Krasley (2014)

    Addressing Sustainability in Product Design and Engineering

    • Inventor, Autodesk PLM 360, Fusion Lifecycle

    Key Learning

    • Understand current trends in sustainable product design and regulatory compliance.
    • Identify which tools are in your Autodesk portfolio already, and get a sneak peek at new areas of research and development.
    • Resellers will learn how they can build out new service offerings in sustainable design.
    • Identify points in your workflows where sustainable design could be easily implemented.
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  • Daniel Nielsen (2014)

    Using Simulations in Development of Comfortable Urban Spaces and Sustainable Design

    • Revit for Architects, Revit for MEP Engineers

    Key Learning

    • Get started with the newest simulation functionalities in Revit software from early conceptual design to detail design
    • Recognize possibilities and limitations within the different simulations related to model detail levels
    • Learn how to choose simulations and visualization methods to analyze urban spaces, indoor environment, and operational and embodied energy
    • Discover more effective use of simulations to minimize time consumption in the process of creating sustainable designs
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  • Key Learning

    • Explain the importance of building science and building performance analysis
    • Describe how the tools across Autodesk's portfolio of building design software can help reduce energy use
    • Identify an educational program that is right for them, and that they can participate in after Autodesk University
    • Describe Autodesk's strategic direction for software tools and education related to building performance analysis
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  • Key Learning

    • Discuss and use the learning techniques, educational outcomes, and lessons learned from innovative classes and curricula
    • Incorporate sustainable design strategies as a connecting thread throughout the design curriculum
    • Use Autodesk® sustainable design tools and teaching resources in your classes today
    • Explore ways to feature sustainability and create innovate learning opportunities in your classrooms and studios
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  • Key Learning

    • Effectively use cultural information, including mature height and spread, hardiness zone ranges, and plant color
    • Effectively lay out groundcover areas, and label and quantify these areas using automated computer programming
    • Develop sustainable landscape plans using drought-tolerant and native plants
    • Prepare landscape designs using AutoCAD® software and generate landscape material and installation cost estimates
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  • Dawn Danby (2016)

    Future-Proofing Products with Fusion 360

    • Fusion 360

    Key Learning

    • Learn Fusion 360 product design tips from a power user
    • Discover how to design more-sustainable connected devices
    • Learn design approaches for modularity and upgradability
    • Learn straightforward sustainable-design techniques from an expert in the field
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  • Key Learning

    • Explain GIS concepts that are involved with analysis
    • Relate the analysis concepts in AutoCAD Map 3D with design features in AutoCAD Civil 3D
    • Describe the various sustainability initiatives for infrastructure projects
    • List the challenges involved with achieving sustainability goals on your projects
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  • Julie Janiski (2014)

    Flying High with Revit and Tally: Lifecycle Assessment for the Atlanta Falcons Stadium

    • Revit for Architects, Revit for Structural Engineers

    Key Learning

    • Understand how to successfully use the Revit software add-in Tally on large, multifirm projects
    • Learn effective modeling practices to better ensure effective BIM coordination between team members
    • Learn how to minimize the lifecycle impact of building materials
    • Discover how the use of Revit software and Tally can be used to raise a project's environmental profile
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