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  • KAL HOUHOU (2016)

    Perform in A360 and Collaboration for Revit

    • Collaboration for Revit
    • A360 Team
    • Revit

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to determine the best approach to share data in the cloud
    • Learn how to unify people and data and keep them all connected with A360 Team
    • Learn how to contribute to integrated workflow processes utilizing Communicator in Revit
    • Learn how to capitalize on the cloud potential for small or medium-size design firms on joint-venture projects
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  • Carl Bass, Christian Benimana, Jeff Kowalski, Anna Nixon (2016)

    Autodesk University Opening Keynote

  • Key Learning

    • Understand the complications in conduit prefabrication from Revit
    • See the new workflow for getting prefabrication information from the model to the prefab shop
    • Explore opportunities gained from having couplings placed in a model automatically
    • See how hardware providers are becoming more involved in BIM and providing solutions
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn how to open FormIt 360 and perform basic functions
    • Learn how to source urban-design city data files
    • Learn how to translate FormIt 360 files into native Revit file formats
    • Learn how to link context models into central model files for shadow studies
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  • Curt Moreno (2016)

    Standards for Developing Standards: A How-to for Busy CAD Managers

    • AutoCAD
    • Inventor Professional
    • Revit

    Key Learning

    • Learn to identify who should develop a CAD standard, how to develop a standard, and what to do to deploy it
    • Discover major milestones necessary to develop your own 10 release of your CAD standard, and then track subsequent versions
    • Learn how to bring important stakeholders into the development process to gain input, buy-in, and added vetting assistance
    • Learn how to identify and avoid the major pitfalls of development, deployment, implementation, and maintenance of valuable CAD standards
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  • Key Learning

    • How to incorporate specific manufacturer information into virtual design while staying efficient.
    • How to effectively present your products to the design build team
    • When to incorporate BPM data into the project model
    • Effective communication between the design team and the product experts
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  • Alejandro Mata (2016)

    MEP Smart: Early HVAC Design Using Dynamo

    • Revit MEP
    • A360

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to convert 2D lines to HVAC BIM objects
    • Learn how to perform early HVAC calculation by using “dummy” equipment families combined with Dynamo
    • Learn how to use new HVAC custom nodes for Dynamo
    • Learn how to perform quality control of HVAC design by using Dynamo and A360
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  • Key Learning

    • Understand how some out-of-the-box solutions don’t work for electrical contractors
    • See the solutions being developed by GTP Services
    • Explore the benefits and identify opportunities to provide value to the Construction Team
    • See how a contractor is currently using the application to improve workflows
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  • Dennis Platt (2016)

    Using IoT for Predictive Maintenance

    • Building Ops

    Key Learning

    • Learn how IoT technology prevents device failures
    • Learn how to optimize systems and assets from an energy, maintenance, and operations perspective
    • Learn how to streamline Building Ops ticketing
    • Learn how to connect energy insights with maintenance outcomes
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn the pros and cons of cloud-based file storage
    • Learn how to create a new SQL Azure Storage Account
    • Discover the basic code necessary to read from and write to Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage
    • See examples of how cloud-based storage can benefit a variety of AutoCAD .NET add-ins
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