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  • Robert Savage (2014)

    Simulate While You Design with Inventor and Simulation DFM

    • Simulation DFM, Inventor

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to navigate the Simulation DFM interface
    • Learn how to analyze the model for possible defects
    • Learn how to make changes to the model's material
    • Review cost effects of part changes
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  • Jorge Emilio Lopera Ledesma (2012)

    ¿Cuándo usar Autodesk® Inventor® Simulation y/o Simulation Mechanical y/o Robot?

    • Autodesk Simulation
    • Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional

    Key Learning

    • Aprender a simplificar modelos para obtener mejores resultados de elementos finitos.
    • Cuantificar el tiempo para ejecutar y desarrollar un modelo de elementos finitos.
    • Aprender ejemplos prácticos para proyectos de análisis estructurales usando Simulation, Autodesk Inventor o Robot.
    • Aprender cómo aprovechar la relación de las suites de CAD con las herramientas de simulación estructural.
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  • Key Learning

    • Be able to perform Simulation using Nastran In-CAD
    • Be able to interpret results using Nastran In-CAD
    • Be able to apply industry best practices
    • Be able to learn top simulation tips on using Nastran In-CAD
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  • David Hick, Riccardo Pagani, Veronica Veschi (2018)

    CFD Simulation Workflow: The Botanical Institute of Rome Case Study

    Key Learning

    • How to use CFD analysis to optimise your design
    • Learn how to compare different design solutions based on bioclimatic performances
    • Learn how to simulate natural ventilation in existing buildings
    • Learn how to integrate climate and architectural design
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  • Jaesung Eom (2017)

    All for Composite Simulation as Manufactured: Autodesk Nastran, Helius PFA, and Moldflow Ecosystem

    • Autodesk Nastran
    • Autodesk Nastran InCAD
    • Moldflow
    • Helius PFA

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to use Helius PFA and Autodesk Nastran to perform structural analysis of continuous fiber composite
    • Learn how to use Autodesk Nastran and AME to run the short-fiber plastic composite model as manufactured material properties from Moldflow
    • Learn how to interpret progressive failure results of continuous-fiber and short-fiber composite materials
    • Learn how to use Autodesk Nastran In-Cad and AME to prepare Autodesk Nastran for progressive failure analysis of short-fiber composite materials
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  • Key Learning

    • Understand and perform the benefits of simulation in the electronics space
    • Learn about the perv iteration process between EAGLE and Fusion 360 Simulation environment
    • Learn how to make design choices based on the simulation results
    • Understand and learn how to use the collaborative nature of A360
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  • Andy Carter (2017)

    Driving Austin: An Urban Simulation of Austin, Texas, Using InfraWorks and Stingray

    • InfraWorks
    • 3ds Max
    • Autodesk Stingray
    • AutoCAD Civil 3D

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to create simulation modeling data in InfraWorks from LIDAR and planimetric data
    • Learn how to export your site model as an FBX, properly convert it, and import it for use in Stingray
    • Learn how to create an interactive simulation of your civil site design using an Xbox controller
    • Learn how to create a virtual reality simulation of your civil infrastructure design
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  • Clinton Brown (2017)

    Fusion 360: Simulating Reality with FEA

    • Fusion 360

    Key Learning

    • Creating simulations
    • Assigning materials
    • Settings constraints and loads
    • Interpreting simulation results
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  • Amal Cheikhrouhou (2017)

    Introduction to Simulation CFD for Turbomachinery

    • Simulation CFD 360
    • Fusion 360
    • Inventor Professional
    • SimStudio
    • Simulation Flex

    Key Learning

    • Understand how CFD impacts Turbomachinery design process
    • Gain exposure to the Autodesk Simulation CFD interface and simulation workflow
    • Discover CFD best practices and pitfalls in Turbomachinery
    • Learn how to use the powerful post-processing tools to interpret simulation results and to make decisions
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  • Michael Fiedler (2017)

    Nonlinear Simulation in Autodesk Fusion 360

    • Fusion 360
    • Autodesk Nastran InCAD

    Key Learning

    • Gain understanding of the limitations to linear static stress, and know when to employ nonlinear analysis
    • Learn how to describe the 3 primary types of nonlinearity that would lead you to perform a nonlinear versus a static stress type of analysis
    • Become familiar with the advanced material models that are available for nonlinear analysis
    • Discover what actions need to be taken in order to set up your own nonlinear analysis within Fusion 360
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