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  • Key Learning

    • Learn how to simplify a model by removing small features
    • Learn how to simplify a system by replacing components with simple primitives
    • Learn how to adjust a model by direct-editing existing features
    • Learn how to repair a model by healing damaged surfaces
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  • Jaykant Desai (2016)

    Achieving Accurate Part Shrinkage Data with Moldflow Insight

    • Moldflow Insight
    • Moldflow

    Key Learning

    • Discover the importance of volumetric shrinkage in mold building
    • Discover that the plastic industry has been facing a dilemma of cutting steel with published shrinkage values
    • Discover the limitations in the current Moldflow software in predicting accurate shrinkage
    • See the work done to eliminate this dilemma and predict accurate part shrinkage by re-characterizing a material
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  • Dean Reed (2016)

    Integrating Project Delivery

    • BIM 360 Glue

    Key Learning

    • Understand how BIM and simulation support design for sustainable, high-performance buildings
    • Understand BIM as a foundation for designing to performance targets within the time and money available
    • Understand how BIM field applications support high-quality lean construction
    • Understand how to use technology to strengthen collaboration and integrated design and construction
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  • Reinaldo Garcia (2016)

    Flood Assessments Done Fast and Easy with InfraWorks 360 and RiverFlow2D

    • InfraWorks 360
    • AutoCAD Civil 3D

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to build a realistic flood-assessment model in InfraWorks 360
    • Learn how to simulate the flooding event to visualize water depth and velocity animations
    • Learn how to minimize the time to create useful flood assessments for infrastructure projects
    • Learn how to use the flood-simulation results in AutoCAD Civil 3D
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  • Key Learning

    • Get exposure to Autodesk's composite manufacturing platform
    • Understand composite materials
    • Learn about each step in the composite design process
    • Learn about each step in the composite production process
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  • Wen Zhong (2016)

    Metal Injection Molding with Moldflow

    • Moldflow Insight

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to predict the various kinds of defects of the MIM, such as weld line and "black line"
    • Discover the validity of the MIM simulation by comparing with experimental data
    • Discover the best practices for using the MIM feature
    • Learn how Moldflow collaborates with external partners
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  • Jeremy Malan (2016)

    Automated Programming with FeatureCAM

    • FeatureCAM

    Key Learning

    • Learn how automated CNC programming enables you to program parts quickly and consistently
    • Discover a broad range of programming capabilities, from 3-axis mills to complex multiaxis milling and turning centers
    • Learn how to quickly and efficiently program of all of your parts
    • Learn how to program using recognizable language used extensively in the industry
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  • Chris Van Der Ploeg (2016)

    Optimized 3D Reinforcement in Complex Shapes Using Dynamo

    • Revit
    • BIM 360 Field
    • Dynamo Studio

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to set up an integrated workflow between structural engineers, modelers/drafters, and fabricators
    • Discover the possibilities to create and reinforce complex-shaped geometry in Revit using Dynamo
    • Obtain and exchange rebar information for use in finite element analysis (FEA)
    • Learn how to optimize rebar configurations using Dynamo and FEA
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn about design engineering and simulation for high-rise buildings
    • Learn about BIM setup for workflow integration and collaboration between stakeholders
    • Learn how to integrate third-party software with Revit for design engineering
    • Learn how to ensure that the preconstruction BIM model is the as-built model
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  • Eli DElia (2016)

    Racing-Drone Design Fundamentals with Fusion 360

    • Fusion 360
    • Flow Design

    Key Learning

    • Learn best practices and workflows for creating an aerodynamic racing drone
    • Understand airframes and power-trains layouts—learn how to build airframes around imported component files
    • Learn how to use Flow Design wind-tunnel simulator to guide UAV form and function in Fusion 360
    • Get empowered as a Fusion 360 designer to explore your potential for creating first-person-view racing products
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