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  • Erich Bretz (2016)

    Precast-Concrete Construction—Why Should I Use Revit?

    • Revit
    • Revit Structure

    Key Learning

    • Learn how workflows using Revit can be used to create more opportunities for precast-concrete manufacturers in the marketplace for structural systems
    • Discover strategies for delivering precast-concrete projects using Revit
    • Learn about market trends affecting the selection of structural systems, and how precast concrete can capitalize on these trends through the use of Revit
    • Learn about how data extracted from a fabrication model created in Revit can be used in many aspects of precast-concrete delivery
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  • Dieter Vermeulen (2016)

    Construction Dynam(o)ite—Explode Productivity with Dynamo

    • Revit
    • Dynamo Studio
    • Navisworks Manage

    Key Learning

    • Understand the wide range of possibilities Dynamo offers for the construction industry
    • Learn how to create your own Dynamo scripts to automate and manage the creation of constructible BIM models
    • Learn how to use computational design to apply your design rules on construction models in Revit
    • Learn how to make custom model checks to increase the constructability of your Revit model
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  • Chris Benner (2016)

    Increasing the Volume with Inventor Tube & Pipe

    • Inventor Professional

    Key Learning

    • Learn about dynamic route editing techniques
    • Learn how to copy and reuse pipe runs and make them adaptive
    • Learn how to fill unwanted gaps in pipe routes
    • Learn some advanced authoring and BOM reporting techniques
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn the importance of the architectural model’s role in MEPF COBie exports
    • Discover the common data problems encountered when working on a COBie deliverable and how to address them
    • Understand how to effectively use COBie extension/toolkit to COBie-ize models for data exports
    • Get Revit tips, tricks, and best-practice workflows for a successful COBie
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  • Brian Mackey (2016)

    Handrail Hacks

    • Revit

    Key Learning

    • Understand the complex nesting of components in Revit railings
    • Learn about all the intricacies that make up railings in Revit
    • Understand the complex nesting of components in Revit railings
    • Walk away with railings that you can use when you get back to the office
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