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  • David Butts (2013)

    Revit MEP in the Process Project World

    • Building Design Suite, Simulation Products

    Key Learning

    • Describe how Revit MEP tools are used in process and water resource projects
    • Define and edit manufacturer-based content for efficiency and accuracy for a design project
    • Make full use of BIM models with external analysis and simulation software
    • Define BIM projects to maximize owner and contractor benefits
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  • Matt Dillon (2013)

    Schedule Anything in AutoCAD MEP

    • AutoCAD MEP

    Key Learning

    • Explain the purpose of property set definitions
    • Create a custom schedule table style
    • Create custom object tags
    • Use classifications to control and automate schedule
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  • Brett Perez (2013)

    The Evolution of the Revit MEP Design Model to Fabrication and Beyond

    • Revit for Construction, Navisworks Products

    Key Learning

    • Develop strategies to transform design models to constructible ones by refining the content throughout the BIM cycle
    • Manage subcontractors' models to enable full-scale coordination
    • Link a CAD-MEP database to Revit families to enable fast and accurate conversions and a range of BIM-to-field applications
    • Describe key success factors for using Revit MEP within integrated project delivery teams
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  • Premkumar Siddharth (2013)

    Using Simulation CFD and Revit MEP for Optimum Airflow Design

    • Simulation CFD, Revit Products

    Key Learning

    • Model and edit ductwork in Revit MEP
    • Apply best practices for exporting models from Revit to Autodesk Simulation CFD
    • Run analyses and compare modeling scenarios in Autodesk Simulation CFD
    • Update and develop optimized designs in Revit MEP
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  • Key Learning

    • Discover content creation tips and tricks others are taking advantage of in the MEP field
    • Discuss new ideas with others in a collaborative environment
    • Make full use of gains in scheduling methods
    • Work smarter, not harder, by saving assemblies to be used later
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  • Key Learning

    • Calculate and validate LEED points
    • Create and utilize use values
    • Use the power of space schedules to aid in your design
    • Verify that your design intent is being conveyed to the construction documents
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  • David Butts (2012)

    Autodesk® Revit® MEP 2013: On Steroids!

    • Autodesk Revit for MEP Engineers
    • Autodesk Building Design Suite

    Key Learning

    • Customize duct fittings for unusual parts and connections
    • List productivity tips for day-to-day use
    • Edit piping accessory view behavior for schematic/single/double line graphics
    • Edit electrical panel schedules and shared parameters specific for electrical loads
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  • Jeremy Tammik (2012)

    Autodesk® Revit® MEP Programming: All Systems Go

    • Autodesk Revit for MEP Engineers
    • Autodesk Revit for Architects

    Key Learning

    • Manage, analyze, create, and modify HVAC, electrical, and plumbing Revit MEP models, systems, and components programmatically
    • Reuse functionality that is provided by the standard Revit MEP SDK and custom Autodesk Developer Network samples
    • Describe the major enhancements of the MEP API in Revit 2013
    • Make programmatic use of routing preferences and the light and light group API
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  • Plamen Hristov (2012)

    Autodesk® Revit® MEP Templates: Increasing Productivity

    • Autodesk Revit for MEP Engineers

    Key Learning

    • Discover new ways to manage the architectural background display through a project template
    • Use the latest capabilities of Revit MEP
    • Organize and manage the project browser
    • Create pipe types and define default fittings for the pipe types
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  • Roy Qian (2012)

    Autodesk® Revit® MEP in High-Voltage Power Substation Design

    • Autodesk Revit for MEP Engineers
    • Autodesk Navisworks Simulate

    Key Learning

    • Overcome the documentation constraints of Revit MEP
    • List things to consider carefully when doing multidisciplinary coordination
    • Use Revit MEP as the core of an integrated approach for designing high-voltage substations
    • Use flexible pipes to simulate high-voltage cables
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