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  • Younes Yammouri (2016)

    Looking into the Crystal Ball: The Future of PDM at Autodesk

    • Vault Professional

    Key Learning

    • Learn about the new planned functionality
    • Learn about some exciting new concepts on how to better manage your data
    • Learn about data management strategy
    • Get your questions answered about the future of Vault
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  • RK McSwain (2016)

    As Many CAD Manager Tips as We Can Fit into a Single Hour!

    • AutoCAD
    • AutoCAD Civil 3D
    • AutoCAD Map 3D

    Key Learning

    • Learn some tips and tricks that you can pass on to your users
    • Learn some tips and tricks you can apply in the background to help your users
    • Discover some hidden features in AutoCAD that can help you diagnose and fix issues
    • Discover some tools that can help you with your daily CAD manager tasks
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn about the new Share Design View in AutoCAD
    • Learn about A360 Desktop Sync and when to use it
    • Learn about the new and improved A360 Drive
    • Get a better understanding about collaboration from creating the files to sharing the files
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  • Key Learning

    • Understand the Forge Platform and Autodesk's changing relationship with the developer
    • Understand Autodesk's evolving connection to the customer
    • Understand the changing way in which Autodesk creates its products
    • Network with some of the key executives leading Autodesk into the future
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn how to capture live audio and video learning modules
    • Learn how to storyboard concepts and use video to proof lessons
    • Learn how to edit video and audio and create basic effects
    • Learn how to set up your own audio/video studio
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  • KaDe King (2016)

    Access Free Web-Based Mapping Data

    • AutoCAD Map 3D
    • InfraWorks 360

    Key Learning

    • Locate free web-based map resources (web feature service and web map service)
    • Learn how to create connections to web-based maps in AutoCAD Map and AutoCAD Civil 3D
    • Learn how to add web-based map information as a data source in InfraWorks 360
    • Learn how to configure web-based map data sources in InfraWorks 360
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  • Michael Massey (2016)

    Flying in the Clouds with A360 Collaboration for Revit

    • Collaboration for Revit
    • Revit

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to set up a project in the cloud
    • Learn how to use A360 Team
    • Discover workflows for working in the cloud
    • Learn about communicating with your team
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  • Dennis Platt (2016)

    Using IoT for Predictive Maintenance

    • Building Ops

    Key Learning

    • Learn how IoT technology prevents device failures
    • Learn how to optimize systems and assets from an energy, maintenance, and operations perspective
    • Learn how to streamline Building Ops ticketing
    • Learn how to connect energy insights with maintenance outcomes
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  • Peter Marchese (2016)

    Bring Your Work to Life with the Live Design Workflow

    • Autodesk Stingray
    • 3ds Max
    • Revit

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to easily take your Revit models into Stingray and Autodesk LIVE for interactive walk-throughs
    • Learn how to animate elements based on things like proximity or button presses
    • Learn how to light your scenes for better results
    • Learn how to publish your scene and model to different platforms, such as PC, virtual reality, and mobile platforms
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  • Key Learning

    • Understand the various roles for leadership and support in design technology
    • Learn how to create effective training material for every learning style
    • Improve troubleshooting skills for complex technology
    • Develop effective plans for technology implementation
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