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  • Key Learning

    • Gain a better understanding of how to visualize your designs in InfraWorks 360
    • Gain a basic understanding of the vertical design applications available in InfraWorks 360
    • Learn how a variety of sources can be used to build a contextual model
    • Discover how these models can be viewed and shared with project stakeholders in a variety of ways
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  • Shawn Herring (2015)

    A Whole New "Field to Finish" Using LiDAR Point Clouds

    • AutoCAD Civil 3D
    • ReCap

    Key Learning

    • Learn about register scans in ReCap
    • Learn how to set up AutoCAD Civil 3D for Automated Linework
    • Learn how to import ReCap point cloud (with Regions)
    • Learn how to create points, surfaces, and figures
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  • Lucy Kuhns (2016)

    Tunnel Modeling for BIM—Tools for Success: AutoCAD Civil 3D, Revit, and InfraWorks 360

    • AutoCAD Civil 3D
    • InfraWorks 360
    • Revit Structure

    Key Learning

    • Learn which modeling tasks are done in AutoCAD Civil 3D, which are done in Revit, and which are done in InfraWorks 360—for each stage of the project
    • See how geologic strata are defined and used for excavation and quantities tasks
    • Learn the Revit network for tunnel design (learn how to export to a third party for structural analysis)
    • Learn how shared coordinates work between Revit and geospatial applications
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  • Kimberly Fuhrman (2016)

    Inviting FormIt 360 to the Revit Party!

    • FormIt 360
    • Revit

    Key Learning

    • Understand the mobility and functions of FormIt 360
    • Learn how to use FormIt 360 to create a basic building design and apply Revit materials
    • Learn how to import FormIt 360 models seamlessly into Revit
    • Learn how to use FormIt 360 software’s Energy Analysis tools and other BIM applications
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  • Trenton Earley (2016)

    Fusion:Javascripting and Data Integration

    • PLM 360 (now Fusion Lifecycle)
    • Fusion Lifecycle

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to use conditional scripts to enable pushing of workflow transitions
    • Learn how to use validation scripts to enable workspaces to be saved
    • Learn how to set values in your current workspace or related workspaces
    • Learn how to set milestones in the dashboard
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  • Katie Murff (2016)

    Building Handover with Building Ops

    • Building Ops
    • Revit

    Key Learning

    • Explore opportunities for building owners to realize the value of BIM in operations
    • Learn how to prepare and publish Revit and BIM 360 Field data to deliver a better handover experience for building owners
    • Learn how to set up preventive maintenance schedules for assets to reduce warranty requests
    • Learn how to use Building Ops
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  • Key Learning

    • Describe CAD/BIM management duties
    • Identify, prioritize, and fix problems
    • Deal with user motivation and training
    • Deal with budgeting and senior management
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  • Stephanie Elliott (2016)

    Ways to More Effectively Use Revit for Electrical Design

    • Revit
    • Revit MEP

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to utilize schedules to perform energy code calculations
    • Learn how to use schedules to better coordinate electrical circuitry with mechanical and plumbing loads
    • Learn how to use schedules to check electrical design at the panel and breaker level
    • Learn how to use view filters to catch uncircuited electrical items as well as other disciplines that require power
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  • Thos Niles (2016)

    Use Your BOM Like a Crystal Ball

    • Forge

    Key Learning

    • Understand the importance of a well structured Bill of Materials as you transition from design to manufacturing
    • Understand the type of manufacturing insights you can get when you have the right data
    • Increase practical knowledge of the pitfalls going from prototype to production
    • Discover how Dragon has satisfied an unserved market need and incorporated Forge Platform APIs
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  • OBrien Chalmers, Alex Coulombe, Scott DeWoody, Martin Enthed, Jeff Mottle, David Scott (2017)

    A vision for the future of Virtual Reality in Design Viz: Advice from the Experts

    • Autodesk Stingray, 3ds Max, Revit Live, Revit Architecture, Revit

    Key Learning

    • Make better business decisions in the implementation of XR into your company
    • Learn what XR technologies can benefit you the most in AEC design and marketing
    • Understand how to bring creativity to the XR pipeline and build engaging experiences
    • Learn about current and future XR technologies that will shape the AEC industry
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