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  • John Mack (2015)

    MEP Fabrication: Small to Mid-Size Companies

    • Fabrication CADmep
    • AutoCAD MEP

    Key Learning

    • Learn how fabrication affects job-site safety
    • Discover how placement of equipment/machinery affects productivity
    • Discover how culture and behavior of people affect productivity
    • Discover the fruits of capitalizing on software for BIM coordination for fabrication
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  • Russ Nicloy (2015)

    Addressing Complex Designs with AutoCAD Civil 3D

    • AutoCAD Civil 3D

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to use the alignment and profile relationship differently
    • Learn how to make grading an appropriate solution in some situations
    • Discover the use of a "setup" corridor for precise targeting
    • Learn how to deal with the real-world complexities of an AutoCAD Civil 3D project
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  • Dan Leighton (2015)

    AutoCAD Utility Design for the Little Guy

    • AutoCAD Utility Design

    Key Learning

    • Discover the essential elements to document AutoCAD Utility Design implementation requirements
    • Learn about the required and optional elements of an AutoCAD Utility Design configuration
    • Discover a practical phased-implementation approach for AutoCAD Utility Design
    • Discover the benefits of AutoCAD Utility Design for small and mid-size utilities
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  • Tosh Tambe (2015)

    Secure Design in a Cloud Connected World

    • Fusion 360
    • Inventor

    Key Learning

    • Learn how Amazon Web Services enables global collaboration with data sovereignty for Inventor and Fusion 360 projects.
    • Learn how Autodesk cloud solutions such as Fusion 360 leverage the Amazon Web Services platform for secure scalability.
    • Learn how you can virtualize your Autodesk desktop products such as Inventor on Amazon Web Services and its benefits.
    • Discover how cloud accelerates the iterative design process.
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  • Key Learning

    • Understand how and why Autodesk uses Amazon Web Services for secure scalability
    • Discover how Amazon Web Services can be used in any size company through SaaS and Virtualized solutions
    • Understand the challenges that cloud based services help solve
    • Discover the best practices for using cloud based and hybrid environments
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  • Scott Hendricks (2015)

    The Business Owners guide to Autodesk MEP Fabrication

    • Fabrication CADmep

    Key Learning

    • How the Autodesk Fabrication products help improve business outcomes
    • How to navigate the murky path to successfully using the power software products
    • How to get the best return on your investment
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  • Benjamin Richards (2015)

    The Cutting Edge post production pipeline: An insider's perspective

    • SketchBook
    • Maya
    • MotionBuilder
  • Rebecca Stanford (2015)

    The Future of Structural Detailing with Advance Steel, Revit Structure, and NISD

    • Advance Steel
    • Navisworks products

    Key Learning

    • Discover the role of steel detailing and how to introduce more to the profession
    • Discover the certification process for steel detailing
    • Discover the role of Advance Steel in the process of structural steel fabrication and how it works with Revit Structure
    • Discover NISD and the CD-BIM
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  • Key Learning

    • Find out what benefits there are to utilizing a UAV or drone on a construction site
    • Learn how to develop custom workflows and identify required resources to create consistent and reliable data to use for project control
    • Discover the legal ramifications of using a UAV for commercial purposes
    • Gain lessons learned from solutions to real-world challenges using drones for aerial surveys
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