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  • Michael Sagan (2017)

    Design Develop Deploy: Digital Prototyping with Fusion 360

    • Fusion 360
    • Fusion Team

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to build a Fusion model respecting the design intent
    • Learn how to master advanced part-building techniques using each of Fusion 360 software’s workspaces
    • Learn how to prepare for down-stream prototyping and manufacturing
    • Learn how to creatively approach building future designs
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  • Key Learning

    • Determine and describe the value of 3D printing
    • Determine and describe the value of CNC machining
    • Assess when to use 3D printing versus when to use CNC machining
    • Calculate costs associated with 3D printing and CNC machining
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  • Elena Bortolotti (2011)

    Digital Prototyping at Fiat

    • Autodesk Moldflow Products
    • Autodesk Showcase

    Key Learning

    • Describe how assembly not only causes stress, but unwanted deformation
    • Use Autodesk Moldlfow and Showcase to visualize sink mark defects
    • Explain how sink marks occur on plastic parts
    • Use Autodesk Moldfow and structural analysis products to simulate assembly of injection-molded parts
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  • Sunand Bhattacharya (2012)

    Educating Industrial Designers for the Digital Age

    • Autodesk Inventor Products
    • Autodesk Alias Design

    Key Learning

    • Connect with faculty peers who have successfully incorporated digital tools into their classroom
    • Help students create their digital portfolio, demonstrating their cutting edge software expertise
    • Incorporate 3D design software into your industrial design programs
    • Identify gaps between industry expectations and industrial design education course offerings
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  • Key Learning

    • Discover where Inventor fits into the prototype development process
    • Discover how 3D printing can accelerate the design review process
    • Learn how using Inventor to continuously modify a model can save time on redesigning a part
    • Learn how to identify the differences between design for manufacture and design for 3D print
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  • Mark Flayler (2012)

    The Suite Life: Autodesk® Product Design Suite Workflows for Machine Design

    • Autodesk Product Design Suite
    • Autodesk Vault Products

    Key Learning

    • Elevate your design intent into a 3D parametric digital prototype
    • Create high-quality visualizations for presentations and electronic media
    • Use conceptual design tools in the preplanning stages
    • Use Product Design Suite software for large assembly review and project planning
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  • Michael Golway (2014)

    If Your Heart Breaks, Can You Print a New One?

    • Inventor, Autodesk 360, A360, A360

    Key Learning

    • Learn how Autodesk Digital Prototyping enables improved collaboration of design concepts before they're built
    • Hear the challenges Advanced Solutions Life Sciences faced working across functional teams before fully adopting DP
    • See video demonstrations of the BioAssemblyBot™ and TSIM™ tabletop workstation which prints 3D models of tissue structures
    • Learn how Advanced Solutions directly benefited from Digital Prototyping workflow to design and commercialize BioAssemblyBot™
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  • David Truyens (2015)

    How to Design, Simulate, and Manufacture a Self-Balancing Robot

    • Inventor
    • 123D
    • Inventor Simulation

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to simulate a self-balancing robot within Inventor DS
    • Learn how to use this technology to solve real-world challenges
    • Discover what the speaker has tried and what didn't work
    • Discover the future of making machines
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  • Andrew Taylor (2013)

    The Ultimate Prototyping Course

    • 123D

    Key Learning

    • Use Autodesk®123D® Design
    • Integrate 123D® Make and Autodesk® Meshmixer
    • Explain digital to physical options
    • Explore methods of production
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