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  • Paul Kirkendall (2017)

    Using the ''Triple Play' 'to Win, Create, and Sequence Infrastructure Projects.

    • AutoCAD Civil 3D
    • AutoCAD Civil 3D
    • Navisworks Manage
    • Navisworks Manage

    Key Learning

    • Create winning proposals with Infraworks
    • Bringing approved proposals from Infraworks to Civil 3D to Navisworks Manage
    • Create Sequencing/project phasing in Navisworks Manage
    • Adjusting the design and see changes in the Sequencing
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn how to access data from a GIS database to use for preliminary design in AutoCAD Civil 3D
    • Learn how to stylize GIS data for use in preliminary design
    • Learn how to create AutoCAD Civil 3D surfaces and pipe data from GIS data
    • Learn how to complete the workflow by exporting AutoCAD Civil 3D data back to GIS
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  • Gary Morin (2012)

    Using Geotechnical Data in AutoCAD® Civil 3D

    • AutoCAD Civil 3D

    Key Learning

    • Display, style, and manage boreholes and strata surfaces in AutoCAD Civil 3D
    • Display, style, and manage geotechnical profiles, including the generation of borehole log strips on the profiles
    • Use the new AutoCAD Civil 3D Geotechnical Extension
    • Format and import geotechnical data
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  • Rick Ellis (2015)

    Managing AutoCAD Civil 3D from the Ground Up

    • AutoCAD Civil 3D

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to manage AutoCAD Civil 3D templates, styles, and settings
    • Discover compatibility issues with other versions of AutoCAD Civil 3D and work with data from other design packages
    • Learn how to share data with project team members who are not using AutoCAD Civil 3D
    • Discover effective methods of training for both transitioning to AutoCAD Civil 3D and increasing productivity of existing users
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  • Key Learning

    • Design pumps and force mains with Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Analysis
    • Plan the force-main route in InfraWorks
    • Prepare plans with AutoCAD® Civil 3D®
    • Visualize the final route in InfraWorks
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  • Eric Fain (2012)

    Storytelling: Narrating Conceptual Design

    • Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler

    Key Learning

    • Send your presentation to Autodesk 360 Infrastructure Modeler
    • Present your ideas using AIM 360 for Mobile and AIM 360 for Web
    • Annotate a visual walk-through of your infrastructure conceptual design
    • Create a scenario to present your ideas
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  • Angel Espinoza (2015)

    Infrastructure Design Suite in 90 Minutes

    • InfraWorks
    • Navisworks

    Key Learning

    • Learn IDS workflows
    • Learn how to get additional value from your work
    • Learn how to easily transfer data from one IDS product to another
    • Discover how to use IDS products
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  • Tracey Stone (2014)

    INFSYM: BIM Best Practices for Designing Better Water Systems

    • AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Map 3D

    Key Learning

    • Learn from your peers
    • Connect with owners and the engineering network
    • Explore new technologies, new workflows, and effective practices
    • Engage with experts on workflows, BIM, and technology
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  • Pedro Luis Soethe Cursino (2014)

    With Infrastructure Design Suite You Will Make the Best Rail Project Ever

    • AutoCAD Civil 3D, InfraWorks

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to make a rail project using Infrastructure Design Suite software
    • Learn about integration with many software systems to make a great rail project
    • Learn how to make a presentation to show your rail project in simple way
    • Learn how to generate a document to deliver your rail project
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  • John Parker (2016)

    Infrastructure and the Public Good

    • InfraWorks 360
    • AutoCAD Civil 3D

    Key Learning

    • Learn how information from Infraworks can be leveraged with economic decision making.
    • Understand how feasibility and planning decision support can be linked and integrated with the design and visualization process
    • Elucidate the benefits of using the same model, methodologies and data through planning, design, and stakeholder engagement stages of a project
    • Learn from a case study of stormwater management using grey and green infrastructure for the public benefit
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