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  • Seth Greenlund (2016)

    Creating Revit Templates for Fabrication Parts in Revit

    • Revit MEP
    • Fabrication CADmep
    • Fabrication ESTmep

    Key Learning

    • Learn best practices when creating Revit Templates
    • Editing Title Blocks
    • Creating Fabrication Parts Schedules
    • Understand Visibility Graphics and Filters to apply service colors
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  • John McManmon (2016)

    Large-Site Data Management for AutoCAD Civil 3D

    • AutoCAD Civil 3D

    Key Learning

    • Learn ways to make pasting surfaces work for data management
    • Learn how to collaborate with others in the office and work together on projects more efficiently
    • Learn how to set standards that you can hold to so decision making on large projects is more consistent
    • Learn how to use xrefs and Drefs intelligently
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  • Key Learning

    • Visualize opportunities for Autodesk product use cases for additive manufacturing
    • Understand some key differences between additive and subtractive manufacturing
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  • Loren Welch (2016)

    Design-Based Collaboration with Inventor Connected Design

    • Inventor Professional
    • A360

    Key Learning

    • Gain understanding of current Inventor Connected Design functionality
    • See future enhancements to Inventor Connected Design workflows and functionality
    • Learn how to capitalize on Inventor Connected Design to manage collaborations and updates through A360
    • Learn how to involve customers, suppliers, and non-Inventor users throughout the design process with Inventor Connected Design
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  • Allan OLeary (2016)

    Data-Management Avengers Civil War

    • Vault Professional
    • Vault Basic
    • Vault Workgroup

    Key Learning

    • Participate in a meaningful panel-led discussion on data and information management
    • Gain a deeper understanding of Vault usage
    • Gain a deeper understanding of Vault implementation and configuration
    • Learn how to become a more productive organization throughout
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  • Shawn Niles (2016)

    AutoCAD Support Clinic—Roundtable

    • AutoCAD
    • AutoCAD LT
    • AutoCAD for Mac
    • AutoCAD LT for Mac

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to apply advanced troubleshooting techniques to your day-to-day job
    • Receive answers to real-world problems that may be hindering production
    • Network with other users facing similar problems, and discuss real solutions
    • Network with members of the Autodesk Support Team, and learn how to capitalize on this relationship for future support questions that arise
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn how to create a simple and intelligent BOM for your drawings
    • Learn how to quickly add user-defined items in BOM and parts list
    • Learn how to use simple formulae to create a custom parts list
    • Learn how to create a BOM report to match your company standards
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  • Key Learning

    • Gain awareness of the challenges of issuing a complex project
    • Discover the benefits of working in a multidisciplinary team
    • Learn about coordination of services
    • Learn how Revit software’s capabilities made for simplistic design
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  • Kevin Robinson (2016)

    Building Your First IoT Project Business Case

    • SeeControl (now Fusion Connect)
    • Fusion Connect

    Key Learning

    • Identify your own readiness for a connected product business
    • Understand how other companies have achieved success with IoT solutions
    • Learn how to identify ROI opportunities on the way to your connected-product goals
    • Learn how to articulate an internal IoT business plan to your organization
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  • Darren Young (2016)

    Machine Setup in Fabrication CAMduct

    • Fabrication CAMduct

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to set up a basic machine in Fabrication CAMduct
    • Learn about reverse-engineering CNC code
    • Discover common problems and solutions
    • Engage in some fast-track troubleshooting
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