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  • Shawn Niles (2014)

    AutoCAD Support Clinic

    • AutoCAD, AutoCAD 360

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to apply advanced troubleshooting techniques in your day-to-day job
    • Learn how to contact Autodesk support for further assistance, and understand the options to do so
    • Discover answers to real-world problems that may be hindering production
    • Network with members of the Autodesk Support Team and capitalize on this relationship for future support
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  • Aaron Mason (2016)

    Designing Reality—Incorporating Point Clouds into Utility Design

    • AutoCAD Utility Design
    • AutoCAD Civil 3D
    • ReCap 360

    Key Learning

    • Discover how different types of point clouds add value to design
    • Learn which methods are used to incorporate point clouds into AutoCAD Utility Design
    • Learn how to use point-cloud-generated terrains to automate 3D design in AutoCAD Utility Design
    • Learn how to reference point clouds from multiple sources and methods into a single design
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  • Phil Nower (2017)

    Riding the Giant—BIM Implementation at the Orlando International Airport Construction Project

    • AutoCAD
    • Revit MEP
    • Revit
    • Navisworks Manage
    • Navisworks Freedom
    • Fabrication FABmep
    • BIM 360 Glue
    • AutoCAD Civil 3D

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to apply practical techniques for implementing BIM on a construction project
    • Understand methods that encourage a positive work environment and better communication
    • Gain experience through applying lessons learned on this project
    • Develop an overall approach to implement BIM tailored to your company’s needs
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  • Shaun Bryant (2016)

    Optimizing Your AutoCAD Desktop to Go Mobile

    • AutoCAD
    • A360
    • AutoCAD 360

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to set up A360 Drive and AutoCAD 360
    • Learn how to sync your AutoCAD cloud settings
    • Learn how to set up projects and teams
    • Learn how to work with drawings in AutoCAD 360
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn about the new Share Design View in AutoCAD
    • Learn about A360 Desktop Sync and when to use it
    • Learn about the new and improved A360 Drive
    • Get a better understanding about collaboration from creating the files to sharing the files
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  • Kenneth Driscol (2016)

    InfraWorks 360 Traffic Simulation: The Civil War at Intersections and Roundabouts

    • AutoCAD Civil 3D
    • AutoCAD Civil 3D
    • InfraWorks 360

    Key Learning

    • Understand the basics of the Traffic Analysis Panel
    • Learn how to simulate Traffic Flow
    • Learn how to configure Traffic Simulation
    • Learn how to configure Traffic Simulation Demand
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  • Asheem Mamoowala (2014)

    AutoCAD _ pushing it to the limits.

    • AutoCAD, Fusion 360

    Key Learning

    • AutoCAD features that leverage modern hardware
    • Use Point clouds with AutoCAD 2015
    • Photorealistic rendering on your desktop or in the cloud
    • Document your Inventor or Fusion 360 models
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  • Peter Funk (2017)

    Working Together-Infrastructure Design and BIM 360

    • AutoCAD Civil 3D
    • BIM 360 Docs
    • InfraWorks

    Key Learning

    • Understand how AutoCAD Civil 3D will work with Autodesk Drive and BIM 360 to enhance data shortcuts
    • Learn how BIM 360 can help with document management
    • Explore how BIM 360 will let you share your design outside the company and in the field on a mobile device
    • Learn how to review and mark up civil designs using BIM 360
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  • Michelle Rasmussen (2016)

    Do You Cross the Bridge or Fade Away?

    • InfraWorks 360
    • AutoCAD Civil 3D
    • Navisworks Manage

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to create engineered roads of the proposed design
    • Learn how to add bridges to design roads using Bridge Design for InfraWorks 360
    • Learn how to verify the structural strength of the bridge girders
    • Learn how to incorporate design changes from AutoCAD Civil 3D
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  • Juan Soto (2016)

    InfraWorks 360—There’s a Trick to That

    • InfraWorks 360
    • AutoCAD Raster Design

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to bring AutoCAD Civil 3D Contours and Labels into InfraWorks 360
    • Learn how to show draping and Raster imagery modification to streamline your workflow
    • Learn how to create your own custom FBX objects to use InfraWorks 360 (for example, North Arrow)
    • Learn how to create and use custom fencing and retaining walls
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