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  • Sunand Bhattacharya (2012)

    Educating Industrial Designers for the Digital Age

    • Autodesk Inventor Products
    • Autodesk Alias Design

    Key Learning

    • Connect with faculty peers who have successfully incorporated digital tools into their classroom
    • Help students create their digital portfolio, demonstrating their cutting edge software expertise
    • Incorporate 3D design software into your industrial design programs
    • Identify gaps between industry expectations and industrial design education course offerings
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  • Matthew Sederberg (2015)

    Autodesk StudioWall

    • Alias
    • Vault

    Key Learning

    • Know what StudioWall is
    • Learn how to launch files from StudioWall
    • Learn how to manage data in studiowall
    • Learn how to compare versions in studio wall
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  • Key Learning

    • Discover what VRED Server is and the full spectrum of possibilities
    • Learn about uses cases for VRED Server such as online configurators, point-of-sale solutions, visual collaboration, and online CGI applications
    • Discover how VRED Server connects to VRED rendering technology
    • Discover the scope of projects that VRED Server can handle and the reliability you can expect from this system
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  • Key Learning

    • Convert data between Maya and other CAD packages
    • Explain where Maya can be beneficial in the design pipeline
    • Explain how Maya can be used in the design process
    • List the benefits and limitations of the smooth-polygon workflow
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  • Key Learning

    • Draw visuals for ideation
    • Communicate visual ideas using techniques from this class
    • Find the right workflow to use for ideation
    • List design techniques that can be applied in any discipline
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  • jonathan wells (2012)

    Morgan Motor Company: Maximizing Workflow Efficiency

    • Autodesk Showcase

    Key Learning

    • Explain how visualization assets and processes can be extended to multiple functions of a company, including marketing and sales
    • Efficiently deploy sophisticated technologies in a low-volume production environment
    • Connect Autodesk® Alias®, Autodesk® Showcase®, and Autodesk® 3ds Max® software together in a design and visualization pipeline using the best capabilities of each application
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  • Roland Reyer (2012)

    Autodesk® Maya® Scripting: MEL™ and Python

    • Autodesk Maya
    • Autodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite

    Key Learning

    • List the differences between MEL and Python
    • Explain the limitations of MEL
    • Use basic MEL/Python commands
    • Write your own MEL scripts
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  • Fernando Saal (2017)

    Virtual Design for Real Cars

    • VRED Professional
    • VRED Render Node
    • VRED Server

    Key Learning

    • Get an understanding of the Porsche design process
    • See how technology is affecting the speed of design decision making
    • Discover common tools used by Porsche as part of the design process
    • Learn about new immersive-based tools to improve the design process
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  • Kyle Runciman (2013)

    Gain an Advantage Through Drawing

    • SketchBook Pro

    Key Learning

    • Explain why drawing is an effective skill
    • Turn simple drawings into effective tools of communication
    • Describe how drawing is applied in businesses
    • Use drawing in every situation
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