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  • Brandon Tasker (2017)

    Shotgun for Pipeline Management in the Design Studio

    • Alias Automotive
    • VRED
    • Shotgun

    Key Learning

    • -Learn how the challenges can be addressed through innovative technology and solutions.
    • -Understand techniques developed to efficiently manage design and creation.
    • -Learn the value of managing, owning and sharing your assets.
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  • Matthew Sederberg (2015)

    Autodesk StudioWall

    • Alias products
    • Vault products

    Key Learning

    • Know what StudioWall is
    • Learn how to launch files from StudioWall
    • Learn how to manage data in studiowall
    • Learn how to compare versions in studio wall
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  • Christian Braun (2015)

    The Breathtaking Future of Car Visualization

    • VRED
    • Alias

    Key Learning

    • Discover visualization from design to market
    • Learn about visualization into the product
    • Discover the visualization production and sales processes
    • Identity
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  • Key Learning

    • Understand what the Visual Asset Manager is
    • Know the benefits of using the Visual Asset Manager to manage data
    • Discover how the Visual Asset Manager could support your creative process
    • Understand where to get access to the Visual Asset Manager
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  • Chris Cheung (2017)

    Creative Direction for (Smart) Dummies—Buying Your Way to Creativity and Innovation

    • A360
    • 3ds Max
    • Maya
    • Alias Design
    • SketchBook Pro
    • Fusion 360

    Key Learning

    • Figure out your creative needs
    • Learn how to articulate those needs
    • Learn how to find, manage, and collaborate with the right talent
    • Understand what you get back and how to use it
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  • Richard Levene (2014)

    High End CGI Production with VRED

    • VRED, Alias

    Key Learning

    • Camera
    • Lighting
    • Learn how to use VRED Professional software
    • Rendering
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  • Pascal Seifert (2017)

    HMI in VRED—UX and UI Validation on a 3D Model During the Product Development Lifecycle

    • VRED Professional
    • Alias AutoStudio
    • Fusion 360

    Key Learning

    • Learn how tools for modeling, user experience, and visualization can be connected together and interoperate in the product development lifecycle to provide the designer, modeler, and decision maker with more realistic ways for experiencing the whole product, in addition to more immersive validation of a user human-machine-interface design—in 3D
    • Learn how a simple product created with Fusion 360 can be enriched with interactive UI elements and media content in VRED Professional
    • Learn how designers can update their geometry and user interface content, and experience their work changes in a real-time rendering
    • Learn about the WebEngine implementation, further possibilities for VRED, and major challenges occurring during this project
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  • Key Learning

    • Understand the fundamental features of VRED which support light-simulation
    • Differentiate between various ray trace modes (photon mapping vs path tracing, RGB vs. Spectral rendering)
    • Learn how to use VRED Professional software
    • Understand how to work with realistic material properties. e.g: multicolor component material like a rearlight cover glass
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  • Key Learning

    • Understand the capabilities of Autodesk VRED related to realtime automotive visualization
    • Learn best practices around model preparation for VRED and Gain knowledge about generating imagery for configurators.
    • Discover how VRED software data can be reused in configurators
    • Understand how a HTML5 was used to provide a UI for modifying configurations to VRED.
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn how to position yourself as an expert
    • Learn how to gain a following and create an online presence inside studios and all over the web
    • Learn how to target specific studios that will benefit your career, and eliminate competition by getting into studios via the backdoor
    • Learn how to treat yourself as a business and build your brand
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