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  • Chris Benner (2016)

    Increasing the Volume with Inventor Tube & Pipe

    • Inventor Professional

    Key Learning

    • Learn about dynamic route editing techniques
    • Learn how to copy and reuse pipe runs and make them adaptive
    • Learn how to fill unwanted gaps in pipe routes
    • Learn some advanced authoring and BOM reporting techniques
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  • Key Learning

    • Gain a new perspective on the speculative future of the AEC industry
    • Develop a cross sectional understanding of emerging through related to the construction of the built environment
    • Participants will have a cross sectional understanding of emerging technologies related to intelligent building control systems
    • Understand the value of collaboration and the interrelatedness of various trends in applied technology development
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  • Key Learning

    • Get exposure to Autodesk's composite manufacturing platform
    • Understand composite materials
    • Learn about each step in the composite design process
    • Learn about each step in the composite production process
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  • Thos Niles (2016)

    Use Your BOM Like a Crystal Ball

    • Forge

    Key Learning

    • Understand the importance of a well structured Bill of Materials as you transition from design to manufacturing
    • Understand the type of manufacturing insights you can get when you have the right data
    • Increase practical knowledge of the pitfalls going from prototype to production
    • Discover how Dragon has satisfied an unserved market need and incorporated Forge Platform APIs
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn how to procure an industrial robot and requisite tooling
    • Learn about the basic operation of an industrial robotic manipulator (robot)
    • Learn how to set up, calibrate, and safely operate a small industrial robot
    • Learn about the potential for a small industrial robotic arm to replace the need for multiple specialized CNC tools
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  • Tatjana Dzambazova (2016)

    From Reality to Design – ReMake and Fusion360!

    • Autodesk ReMake
    • Fusion 360
    • ReCap 360

    Key Learning

    • learn about a new sofwtare Autodesk ReMake (formerly known as Memento)
    • learn how to make useful 3d models from reality
    • get inspired by amazingly inspiring success stories
    • learn tips and tricks to speed up your success rate
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  • Key Learning

    • Explore and take full advantage of Revit software’s powerful graphic tools and capabilities, which you may not have known even existed
    • Learn how to use a variety of non-Revit-like presentation techniques to help you develop your own artistic style
    • Learn unique out-of-the-box tips and tricks to prepare better-than-ever presentations more quickly and efficiently
    • Learn old-school hand-drafting techniques to make your construction documents communicate better and look beautiful
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  • Key Learning

    • Recognize opportunities to achieve benefit through automation
    • Discover commonly used automation technologies
    • Learn how to capitalize on simple scripts (bat files)
    • Discover simple and complex automation projects
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