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  • Key Learning

    • Learn how to apply Drive Constraints and use the Contact Solver
    • Understand the difference between constraints and joints
    • Learn how to model with advanced motion and transitional constraints
    • Learn how to use flexibility to simulate motion between subassemblies
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  • Matt Harris (2013)

    Advanced Consumer Product Customization Techniques with Fusion 360 and Inventor

    • Product Design Suite, Cloud Services

    Key Learning

    • Harness the power and flexibility of the sculpting tools inside Fusion 360
    • Apply best practices when transferring data from Fusion 360 to Inventor software
    • List the pros and cons of different customization techniques with Inventor
    • Apply best practices for creating flexible organic models with Fusion 360
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  • Jaesung Eom (2017)

    All for Composite Simulation as Manufactured: Autodesk Nastran, Helius PFA, and Moldflow Ecosystem

    • Autodesk Nastran
    • Autodesk Nastran InCAD
    • Moldflow
    • Helius PFA

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to use Helius PFA and Autodesk Nastran to perform structural analysis of continuous fiber composite
    • Learn how to use Autodesk Nastran and AME to run the short-fiber plastic composite model as manufactured material properties from Moldflow
    • Learn how to interpret progressive failure results of continuous-fiber and short-fiber composite materials
    • Learn how to use Autodesk Nastran In-Cad and AME to prepare Autodesk Nastran for progressive failure analysis of short-fiber composite materials
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  • Jon Balgley (2017)

    Inventor iLogic: Beyond the Basics

    • Inventor Professional

    Key Learning

    • Write iLogic rules with multiple procedures and functions, and/or other advanced capabilities
    • Discover the difference between internal and external iLogic rules
    • Learn how to invoke the Inventor API from iLogic rules
    • Learn how to find errors in rules, and discover techniques to help minimize errors
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  • Mickey Mcmanus (2015)

    Hackrod: Hot-Rodding for the 21st century

    • Fusion 360
    • Autodesk 360
    • ReCap

    Key Learning

    • Supply Chain of the Future: How to design for distributed manufacturing, where factories are becoming a social network
    • How to transition from building things that are “dead” to “alive”, capable of sensing their surroundings to generate new design iterations
    • How to apply of the tools of tomorrow, today
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  • David Ponka (2017)

    Techniques for Modeling Motion in Inventor

    • Inventor Professional

    Key Learning

    • Understand the difference between constraints and joints and learn when to use each one
    • Learn how to set constraint and joint limits and understand when they are necessary
    • Learn how to model using advanced motion and transitional constraints
    • Learn how to apply drive constraints and use the contact solver
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn how to off line program a robot for complex processes such as machining, trimming and polishing, plus any number of other applications.
    • Learn how to simulate the results and optimise the movements of your robot
    • Understand more about the unique challenges of driving robots
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  • Key Learning

    • Discover larger trends in digital practice
    • Learn how to identify real-world implementations of advanced computational workflows
    • Discover the potential impact of simulation tools on built forms
    • Learn how to identify opportunities for design computation in new and traditional workflows
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn how to instantly machine parts once their features are defined
    • Lean how featurebased machining allows you to standardise machining processes
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  • Cory Mcconnell (2016)

    Driving Tube and Pipe with the Master Sketch Design technique

    • Inventor Professional

    Key Learning

    • Driving complex Tube and Pipe routes with a master sketch
    • Creating individual pipe spools
    • Using custom content to populate routes
    • Creating Drawings of individual pipe spools
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