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  • James McMullen (2012)

    The Nuts and Bolts of Autodesk® Vault Replication Setup

    • Autodesk Vault Professional
    • Autodesk Vault Collaboration

    Key Learning

    • Install and configure Autodesk Vault for replication
    • Upgrade an Autodesk Vault replicated environment
    • Define what a replicated Vault environment is
    • Install and configure full SQL for Vault replication
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  • James Coppinger (2012)

    Vault Ahead Of Your Competitors with Autodesk® Vault Collaboration AEC

    • Autodesk Vault Collaboration AEC
    • Autodesk Vault Products

    Key Learning

    • List the potential problems and predict the learning curve for a Vault Collaboration AEC implementation
    • Determine the hard and soft costs of a large firm that wants to implement Vault Collaboration AEC
    • Explain what document management is and how it can improve your firm's bottom line
    • Describe the workflow considerations to be addressed before implementing Vault Collaboration AEC
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  • Kevin Smedley (2017)

    3D Standards—A Continuing Journey of Best Practices

    • Inventor
    • AutoCAD
    • Vault Basic
    • Inventor Professional

    Key Learning

    • Gain understanding of why standards in the modeling environment are important to establish and grow
    • Grasp the magnitude of 3D tools needed to produce work effectively, no matter who is completing the work
    • Understand how design styles and templates can escalate the creation of models, assemblies, and drawings
    • Learn how to maintain consistency throughout a project’s lifecycle
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  • Richard Noriega (2017)

    Classy Is Overrated: Time to Go Modern

    • Fusion Lifecycle
    • Vault Professional

    Key Learning

    • Discover the planning techniques and requirements needed for an upgrade
    • Discover the advantages of using cloud PDM data management
    • Discover lessons learned and get advise to achieve a successful upgrade
    • Discover the pros and cons of both environments and user adoption
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn how to implement Vault multisite replication
    • Learn how to implement Vault connected workgroups replication
    • Learn how to set up the system environment for the Vault replication
    • Learn how to configure and optimize the environment
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  • Francesco Tonioni (2017)

    Vault Clinic—Troubleshoot Techniques for Vault Issues

    • Vault Manufacturing
    • Inventor Professional

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to troubleshoot the Vault environment
    • Get real-life product support experience
    • Learn how to minimize downtime
    • Learn how to accelerate resolution of data management and system issues
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  • kim Hendrix (2017)

    What the Heck Is Custom Object

    • Vault Professional

    Key Learning

    • Discover what a custom object is and how it can be used
    • Learn how to configure a custom object in Vault Professional
    • Learn how to use the data standard to create a form to easily populate information for a custom object
    • Learn how to use Custom Objects to link together various types of data
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  • Michael Chasser (2016)

    3D Modeling Practices and Standards for Substations

    • Inventor Professional
    • Vault Professional

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to produce 3D models that are accurate, consistent, and user-friendly
    • Discover best practices for part and assembly creation
    • Learn how to use Vault to capitalize on 3D model data
    • Learn how to use Inventor to transform the substation design process
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  • Joschy Rausch (2016)

    CL2M with BIM in Infrastructure Using Vault, AutoCAD Civil 3D, and Navisworks

    • Navisworks Manage
    • AutoCAD Civil 3D
    • Vault Professional

    Key Learning

    • Understand the importance of real-time data in design workflows
    • Understand the principles of CL2M and learn about using it in various projects
    • Learn how to use dynamic corridor solids and property data in AutoCAD Civil 3D
    • Learn how to use database tools in Navisworks to link real-time data from various sources
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  • Tim Bourdois (2016)

    Dashboard, Smashboard—Vault Reporting on Steroids

    • Vault Professional

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to export/extract Vault data
    • Learn ways to report Vault data —using Tableau
    • Learn ways to report Vault data —using PowerBI
    • Learn how to make your data reporting more real time using Dashboards
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