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  • Cyrille Fauvel (2014)

    OAuth 1.0 Versus OAuth 2.0 and Use Case

    • Autodesk 360, A360, A360, AutoCAD 360, Sim 360, ReCap, Process Analysis 360, Mockup 360, Fusion 360, Configurator 360, CAM 360, BIM 360 Glue, BIM 360 Field, Autodesk PLM 360, Fusion Lifecycle, Autodesk 360, A360, A360, AutoCAD 360

    Key Learning

    • Understand differences between OAuth versions
    • Understand requirements for implementing your own OAuth server
    • Learn why you should use OAuth and how to use OAuth when exposing an API or using a third-party API
    • Learn how to use third-party OAuth server in your infrastructure
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  • Ken Marsh (2014)

    Integrated Concrete Design in Revit

    • Revit for Structural Engineers, Sim 360

    Key Learning

    • Discover the key technologies that enable integrated structural engineering
    • Understand how to use Structural Analysis in Autodesk 360 software to drive downstream design
    • Learn how to utilize Results Explorer in Revit software to view and understand analysis results data
    • Discover 1 or more examples of integrated design applications built on Revit software
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  • Key Learning

    • Understand the need for proper mesh representation and configuration
    • Discover the ideal use of mesh types, mesh options, and mesh configuration
    • Discover the influence of improper mesh use
    • Learn how to incorporate other tools to improve quality
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  • Key Learning

    • Use Sim 360 Pro (Mechanical) to determine stress levels in a part
    • Use Sim 360 Pro (CFD) to determine thermal comfort in a volume
    • Use Sim 360 Pro for nonlinear material definition and optimization
    • Create design changes with Fusion 360 and visualize results
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  • David Truyens (2013)

    Simulation for Industrial Machinery

    • SIM 360, Product Design Suite

    Key Learning

    • Describe Autodesk simulation products
    • Use simulation to design a product
    • Communicate your added value to your customers
    • Use the right tool to solve a specific kind of design challenge
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