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  • Kimberly Fuhrman (2016)

    Inviting FormIt 360 to the Revit Party!

    • FormIt 360
    • Revit

    Key Learning

    • Understand the mobility and functions of FormIt 360
    • Learn how to use FormIt 360 to create a basic building design and apply Revit materials
    • Learn how to import FormIt 360 models seamlessly into Revit
    • Learn how to use FormIt 360 software’s Energy Analysis tools and other BIM applications
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  • Key Learning

    • Discover what a model element Level Of Development (LOD) for design is
    • Understand what the AGC BIM Forum LOD Specification 2016 is and how you can address LOD in projects with it
    • Understand how the LOD Specification can be used with design and construction teams to lower risk
    • Understand why LOD discussions are crucial early in a project
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  • Alejandro Mata (2016)

    MEP Smart: Early HVAC Design Using Dynamo

    • Revit MEP
    • A360

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to convert 2D lines to HVAC BIM objects
    • Learn how to perform early HVAC calculation by using “dummy” equipment families combined with Dynamo
    • Learn how to use new HVAC custom nodes for Dynamo
    • Learn how to perform quality control of HVAC design by using Dynamo and A360
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  • Robert Terry (2016)

    Max-imizing Your Revit Model for Better Design Visualizations

    • 3ds Max
    • Autodesk Stingray
    • Revit Architecture

    Key Learning

    • Learn the strategies of properly preparing, linking, and organizing your Revit models within 3ds Max
    • Learn how to add details to your models with tools currently unavailable in Revit
    • Learn various techniques for creating and applying accurate textures/shaders
    • Explore best practices for preparing your model for render time while examining various rendering software and technologies
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn critical factors for successful BIM implementation
    • Gain best practices for BIM workflow and strategies for a large multidisciplinary project
    • Learn how to change and contract management for projects with continuous design changes
    • Learn how to manage the BIM model for production of well-coordinated, quality shop drawings for all trades
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  • Key Learning

    • Determine what to model and what not to model
    • Learn how to modify detail view properties to facilitate effective communication of detail geometry
    • Learn how to modify model geometry to make it usable for construction documents
    • Learn how to use detail components, line work, and keynotes to finish out the detail
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn new methods to apply rotation parameters to masses and adaptive component families
    • Learn new methods to apply rotation parameters to traditional families
    • Learn how to create multiple joints that move together in Revit families in 2D planes
    • Learn how to create multiple joints that move together in Revit families in 3D "Ball" Joints
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn how to identify, organize, and report on your company’s Revit improvement goals
    • Learn and understand what a road map for developing and improving Revit standards is, and how to measure staff compliance
    • Gain ideas for providing just-in-time training solutions to staff
    • Learn methods for improving documentation quality and continually improving office standards
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  • Colin McCrone (2016)

    Paneling with Intent to Fabricate

    • Revit
    • Dynamo Studio

    Key Learning

    • Compare native Revit tools and Dynamo techniques for panelizing a facade
    • Address a variety of design constraints and edge conditions for paneling
    • Learn how to control multiple Revit family types and instances with Dynamo according to conditions
    • See examples of how BIM data and computation have enabled complex projects to be realized
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  • David Butts (2016)

    Powering BIM—Capitalizing on Revit for Building Energy Modeling

    • Revit
    • Green Building Studio

    Key Learning

    • Learn Revit project setup and modeling tips to get the best results in your analysis software
    • Learn how to examine the Revit energy modeling settings, and how to perform a baseline simulation
    • Discover Insight 360, and learn how it expands the original energy modeling tools to perform tests for heating and cooling loads using the DOE software’s EnergyPlus tools
    • Learn about additional Insight tools for lighting and solar studies
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