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  • Key Learning

    • Learn how to improve overall scan-project workflow
    • Learn about tools that will make you more competitive in the scan-project bidding stage
    • Discover pros and cons of target-less scan registration (ReCap software)
    • Discover pros and cons of automatic feature extraction (3D modeling)
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  • Key Learning

    • How to select the appropriate tool for the job at hand- What is the best scanning workflow for you?
    • Realize the value of mass and discrete data collection solutions and how to communicate that information to the survey teams
    • Understand how anywhere, anytime access will speed up previously difficult slow and manual workflows
    • Discover tools available that take the concept of 'the BIM process' and applies it to the daily work of the survey contractor
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  • Scott Diaz (2013)

    A Recap on Plant Design

    • Plant Design Suite, ReCap

    Key Learning

    • Describe the latest enhancements to Autodesk reality capture technologies and explain how they affect plant design workflows
    • Go from field scanning to ReCap™ software to AutoCAD and then to Navisworks
    • Generate intelligent plant deliverables from point cloud data with AutoCAD® Plant 3D software
    • Apply these new concepts to new workflows at your office
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  • Chad Studer (2013)

    Heating It Up and Keeping It Cool with ReCap

    • Simulation CFD, ReCap

    Key Learning

    • Employ the full functionality of ReCap software
    • Create a Revit intelligent model from scan data
    • Analyze an existing room or building with Simulation CFD software
    • Design and modify existing HVAC to develop an accurate thermal model
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  • Matt Miyamoto (2013)

    LiDAR Data and Point Clouds: From Scanning to Planning and Beyond

    • Infrastructure Design Suite, ReCap

    Key Learning

    • Describe the capabilities of ReCap and explain where it can be used in the project workflow process
    • Incorporate LiDAR data into high level planning stage visualizations in InfraWorks
    • Import processed data directly into design software such as AutoCAD Civil 3D and Revit
    • Process and edit LiDAR data prior to importing it into the primary design software
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