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  • Scott Diaz (2013)

    A Recap on Plant Design

    • Plant Design Suite, ReCap

    Key Learning

    • Describe the latest enhancements to Autodesk reality capture technologies and explain how they affect plant design workflows
    • Go from field scanning to ReCap™ software to AutoCAD and then to Navisworks
    • Generate intelligent plant deliverables from point cloud data with AutoCAD® Plant 3D software
    • Apply these new concepts to new workflows at your office
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  • Scott Hallmark (2013)

    AutoCAD Plant 3D: Tricks of the Trade

    • Plant Design Suite

    Key Learning

    • Route pipe in various ways for different scenarios and create and store equipment templates to be used across multiple projects
    • Adjust graphical view options to suit the modeling needs and generate templates with specific layers for modeling
    • Generate isos to include various messages and breaks to speed up the clean up time
    • Change sizes of components and move components without deleting and rerouting
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  • Tarryn De Magalhaes (2013)

    Converting Existing Specs and Catalogs for Use in AutoCAD Plant 3D

    • Plant Design Suite

    Key Learning

    • Describe the mapping process behind the conversion of the specs and catalogs
    • Customize the current mapping in the AutoCAD Plant 3D Spec Editor
    • Successfully convert specs and catalogs from AutoPLANT, CADWorx, or CSV-formatted files
    • Explain the information provided by the spec conversion report
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  • Carsten Beinecke (2013)

    Setting up Isometrics in AutoCAD Plant 3D

    • Plant Design Suite

    Key Learning

    • Set up isometrics from start to finish
    • Apply tips and tricks outside the user interface
    • Use your own isometric symbols
    • Set up your title block
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  • Frank Markus (2012)

    BIM Is the Key to Success: Combining BIM and GIS Data to Manage a Steel Factory Plant

    • Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite
    • AutoCAD Plant 3D

    Key Learning

    • Better handle gigabytes of graphical data
    • Explain how enterprise resource planning (ERP) and CAD/GIS work together to save time and money and reduce errors
    • Describe best practices for day-to-day CAD and GIS management in large enterprises
    • Manage data from different file formats, databases, and products in one environment
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  • Kimberley Hendrix (2012)

    Creating Custom Content for Autodesk® Plant Design Suite

    • Autodesk Plant Design Suite
    • AutoCAD P&ID

    Key Learning

    • Create and maintain project templates that include custom content
    • Copy custom content from one project to another
    • Create and modify custom AutoCAD P&ID symbols
    • Create and modify custom AutoCAD Plant 3D symbols
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  • Key Learning

    • Use the structural workflow in Plant Design Suite that incorporates Revit Structure and AutoCAD Structural Detailing
    • Explain how AutoCAD P&ID and AutoCAD Plant 3D work together
    • Describe workflows in Autodesk Plant Design Suite Ultimate
    • Incorporate Inventor models into Plant Design Suite
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  • Elmer Bol (2012)

    How Reality Capture will impact Factory and Plant Retrofitting

    • Autodesk Factory Design Suites
    • AutoCAD Plant 3D

    Key Learning

    • Streamline the workflow of retrofitting by using new reality capture processing tools
    • Describe the latest tools for data capturing and processing
    • Use laser scan data for plant design
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  • Key Learning

    • Usar Project o primavera para planificar y controlar el proyecto. Optimizar el uso de todos los componentes del APDS
    • Usar Navisworks para crear videos del Modelo 3D, 4D (construcción vs. tiempo) y Modelo 5D (Costo vs. tiempo)
    • Mejorar la eficiencia para crear dibujos P&ID, Modelos 3D, 4D y 5D, Isométricos, Listas de Materiales y los informes BIM
    • Utilizar Cobra para preparar el Presupuesto del Proyecto: Personal, Equi-pos y Materiales requeridos para construir la Planta
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