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  • Aaron Krovance (2013)

    Bridging the Gap with Revit Structure

    • Revit for Structural Engineers, Navisworks Products

    Key Learning

    • Develop custom families with parametric capabilities to create a flexible model through the course of design
    • Coordinate design of Building Information Modeling (BIM) infrastructure project models quickly and efficiently with design team
    • Implement and manage modeling production workflow to facilitate a smooth and efficient BIM model
    • Tips and tricks for designing atypical structures inside of Revit and collaboration with other programs
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  • David Foley (2013)

    Collision Course: A Practical Guide to Using Revit MEP with Navisworks Manage

    • Navisworks Manage, Revit Products

    Key Learning

    • Describe what is required to effectively get Revit MEP models into Navisworks Manage
    • Automate the process with templates, filters, and selection sets
    • Apply standards, tricks, and tips to your own projects.
    • Standardize collision/clash detection in your organization
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  • Richard Clibborn (2013)

    Design of Stadia Using BIM: Multidisciplinary Interaction for the Benefit of All

    • Revit for MEP Engineers, Navisworks Products

    Key Learning

    • List the specific challenges related to stadium design, BIM, and project delivery technologies
    • Develop MEP and structural engineering workflows to improve efficiency
    • Describe changing multidisciplinary workflows and potential future developments
    • Apply current practices in 4D and 5D applications of BIM
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  • Mark Handy (2013)

    From BIM to Facility Lifecycle Management: Best Practices and Opportunities

    • Navisworks Manage, Revit Products

    Key Learning

    • Identify the benefits of using BIM for facility management for facility directors and explain how it affects costs
    • List the differences between using BIM or CAD for facility management
    • Explain how to blend a new project done in Revit®-based software into existing building information established in CAD format
    • Describe the strategy and best practices used at each hospital that guided these projects from design to construction
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  • mark hughes (2013)

    InfraWorks 2014: Realizing the Potential of a Fully Integrated BIM Process

    • Infrastructure Modeler, Infraworks, Civil 3D, Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD MAP, ARCGis

    Key Learning

    • Describe a comprehensive BIM process
    • Evaluate the value of accurate as-built documents
    • Assess the potential of a planning with BIM process
    • Plan deliverables that translate into model content
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  • Justin James (2013)

    InfraWorks: From Concept to Completion

    • Infrastructure Modeler, Navisworks Manage, Revit Products

    Key Learning

    • Describe InfraWorks and its features
    • Create your own workflow for producing data files
    • Create ready-for-presentation scenarios for your project
    • Build a coordinated model using real-life coordinates
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  • Manu Venugopal (2013)

    Introduction to the BIM 360 Glue API

    • BIM 360 Glue, Navisworks Products

    Key Learning

    • Describe the basic structure of the BIM 360 Glue REST API
    • Use the Glue web services API to access and modify Glue data
    • Use the display components API to embed the Glue viewer in their application
    • Describe the current capabilities and limitations of the Glue API
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  • Trevor Scullion (2013)

    Making Use of Substation Design Models for Scheduling

    • Navisworks Manage, Inventor Products

    Key Learning

    • List key techniques for making full use of Inventor models for Navisworks scheduling
    • Integrate Navisworks with your Inventor workflow
    • Use visualization techniques in Navisworks to highlight scheduling workflows
    • Combine Inventor 3D and Navisworks Bills of Materials (BOM)
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  • Brett Perez (2013)

    The Evolution of the Revit MEP Design Model to Fabrication and Beyond

    • Revit for Construction, Navisworks Products

    Key Learning

    • Develop strategies to transform design models to constructible ones by refining the content throughout the BIM cycle
    • Manage subcontractors' models to enable full-scale coordination
    • Link a CAD-MEP database to Revit families to enable fast and accurate conversions and a range of BIM-to-field applications
    • Describe key success factors for using Revit MEP within integrated project delivery teams
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  • Grace Wang (2012)

    3D to 6D: BIM for a Multiple-Building Complex

    • Autodesk Navisworks Products
    • Autodesk Revit for Architects

    Key Learning

    • Describe best practices and workflow to manage and coordinate a large-scale BIM project involving multiple teams
    • Design to benefit estimating, construction, and facilities management
    • For building owners, explain what BIM can do to enable them to better design, construct, and operate buildings
    • For facilities managers, describe how BIM can interface and integrate with computerized maintenance management systems
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