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  • Laurent Abecassis (2012)

    Think Outside the Box: Custom Development with Autodesk® Entertainment Creation Suites

    • Autodesk 3ds Max Entertainment Creation Suite
    • Autodesk Maya

    Key Learning

    • Rapidly start a customization project for Autodesk software that is available in the creation suites
    • Identify the programming area to focus on, based on needs and the production platform
    • List each programming language that is available for customizing Autodesk products that are available in the creation suites
    • Identify the key differences between each of the Autodesk 3D products
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  • Key Learning

    • Convert data between Maya and other CAD packages
    • Explain where Maya can be beneficial in the design pipeline
    • Explain how Maya can be used in the design process
    • List the benefits and limitations of the smooth-polygon workflow
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  • Bill Martin-Otto (2012)

    Why Use a Workstation?

    • AutoCAD
    • Autodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite

    Key Learning

    • List workstation capabilities
    • Determine which workstation you need
    • Differentiate between workstations and desktops
    • Compare costs between workstations and desktops
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