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  • Richard Noriega (2014)

    Autodesk PLM 360 and Vault Integration from a Customer's Point of View

    • Autodesk PLM 360, Fusion Lifecycle, Inventor

    Key Learning

    • Understand the basic needs for Autodesk PLM 360 software and CAD change process
    • Learn about the visibility, tracking, and reporting of an Engineering Change Process
    • Learn how integrated systems can work using the Autodesk PLM 360 Connect software tool
    • Recognize the value and process improvements of Autodesk PLM 360 software
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  • Orrin Bourne (2014)

    Continuous Improvement of Autodesk PLM 360: After the Honeymoon

    • Autodesk PLM 360, Fusion Lifecycle, AutoCAD, Vault, Inventor

    Key Learning

    • Establish a process designed to identify prime target areas for enhancing the Autodesk PLM 360 software tenant
    • Understand effective practices for introducing changes and new features to your existing tenant, post "go-live"
    • Examine and explore challenges faced when integrating with other systems, for instance, Vault software, ERP, and SQL
    • Learn how to manage the process for user adoption
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  • Jo-Ann Hogan (2014)

    Getting Started with Fusion 360

    • Fusion 360, Inventor

    Key Learning

    • Discover key aspects to getting started with the Fusion 360 app
    • Learn how to use the base tools and commands in the Fusion 360 app
    • Learn how to share and collaborate on your designs
    • Learn how to create and publish conceptual models
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  • Tosh Tambe (2014)

    Staying Secure With Design in the Cloud

    • Inventor, Fusion 360

    Key Learning

    • Learn how Amazon Web Services enables global collaboration with data sovereignty for Inventor and Fusion 360 projects.
    • Learn how Fusion 360 leverages the Amazon Web Services platform for secure scalability.
    • Learn how you can virtualize your Inventor deployments on Amazon Web Services and understand its benefits.
    • Discover how cloud accelerates the iterative design process by offloading background processes.
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  • Richard Funnell (2013)

    Getting Photographic Images in Minutes Using Keyshot® and Fusion 360

    • Fusion 360, Inventor Products

    Key Learning

    • Communicate your products better using rendering
    • Streamline your visualization workflow
    • Provide content used for decision making in the design process
    • Improve overall design and design processes
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  • Richard Lilly (2012)

    Autodesk® Simulation 360 Ultimate: Experience the New World

    • Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Products
    • Autodesk Inventor Fusion

    Key Learning

    • List examples of using Simulation Moldflow and Simulation 360 to develop a critical injection-molded implant
    • Explain how Simulation 360 enables you to continue developing while traveling and at remote locations
    • Describe workflow in Simulation Moldflow
    • Describe how Simulation 360 has been used at Articulinx to increase productivity
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  • Franco Costa (2012)

    Research Directions in Autodesk® Simulation Moldflow®

    • Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Products
    • Autodesk Inventor Fusion

    Key Learning

    • Evaluate mechanical property predictions for long fiber composites
    • Pre-empt ejection problems in mold design
    • Model injection compression and compression process of 3D part
    • Achieve improved process simulation accuracy
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