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  • Gavin Bath (2014)

    Truly Integrated CAM: Inventor HSM is a Well-Oiled Machine

    • Autodesk CAM software, Inventor

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to set up stock and create toolpaths for machining inside Inventor software
    • Learn how to post process toolpaths to convert to machine code
    • Learn how to perform typical data management processes like revision changes for machined parts
    • Understand the benefits of a truly integrated CAM Solution
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  • Anthony Graves (2013)

    CAM Product Showcase: New Autodesk CAM Software

    • Autodesk CAM Software,

    Key Learning

    • Import and manage 3D solid models for machining
    • Create 2-1/2 axis machining job setups
    • Create computer numerical control (CNC) machining operations using Autodesk CAM software milling and drilling strategies
    • Simulate toolpaths, create setup sheets, and post-process CNC code for machining
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