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  • Key Learning

    • Learn how to adapt effective methods to implement and scale BIM 360 Field across your project teams and organization
    • Discover each project team member’s strengths and weaknesses to capitalize on a high-quality program
    • Learn how to successfully collaborate with subcontractors, architects, and the owner to use BIM 360
    • (Part 2 from Objective 3) for issue tracking, checklist, and punch list with training programs
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  • Jeremy Tammik (2015)

    Revit API Expert Roundtable: Open House on the Factory Floor

    • Revit for Architects
    • BIM 360 Field
    • Vasari

    Key Learning

    • Find answers to Revit programming questions that are bugging you
    • Meet and make yourself heard by the Revit Development Team and ADN experts
    • Discuss your needs and wishes with Autodesk employees and your peers
    • Gain a first-hand impression of the current hot Revit API issues
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn how to add project control points and lay out points in Revit with Point Layout
    • Learn how to prepare points data, plans, and models for the field
    • Learn how to access data in field layout software and shoot points
    • Learn how to as-built points and round trip back into Revit seamlessly
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn the difference between a Revit single file database system and a fragmented AutoCAD Architecture file system
    • Learn about the similarities between AutoCAD Architecture and Revit
    • Learn how to put together the right Revit Team
    • Learn how to create a “Checklist for Success”
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  • Josh Molitor (2015)

    You OdySea This—How BIM Shaped an Owner’s Vision into a Working Construction Model

    • BIM 360 Glue
    • AutoCAD MEP
    • Revit for Construction

    Key Learning

    • Discover an innovative design-assist collaboration process between owner, architect, general contractor, and subcontractors
    • Learn how to use multiple Autodesk software programs during the preconstruction stage of any project
    • Learn about the creation of constructability drawings generated from the construction model in self-perform projects
    • Learn how to create and maintain closeout and turnover documents from the inception of a project
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  • Mitch Cornelius (2014)

    BIM 360 Glue: Real-Time Collaboration

    • BIM 360 Glue, Navisworks

    Key Learning

    • Understand what are the model uses that BIM 360 Glue software can positively influence
    • Understand how the design-phase coordination process can be improved by BIM 360 Glue software
    • Understand how various people involved in a project will use BIM 360 Glue software
    • Learn how to measure performance of BIM 360 Glue software as a design-phase coordination tool
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  • Deepak Maini (2014)

    Building Tomorrow Today: Spotlight on BIM 360 Glue and Navisworks

    • BIM 360 Glue, Navisworks

    Key Learning

    • Learn how to glue BIM data from various Autodesk software systems
    • Learn how to create a merged Model using BIM 360 Glue software
    • Learn how to coordinate with stakeholders using BIM 360 Glue software
    • Learn how to perform real-time clashes and notify various team members about the clash results
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  • Key Learning

    • Learn how to setup the Navisworks software project in the cloud
    • Select the Cloud Solution
    • Discover the benefits of adding BIM 360 Glue software into the mix
    • Learn about the power of the template
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  • Key Learning

    • Understand process followed to support BIM-to-FM workflows
    • Understand key challenges encountered in addressing BIM-to-FM workflows and how these were overcome
    • Understand rationale for which data should be captured for operations and maintenance activities
    • Understand rationale about which assets should be tracked for operations and maintenance
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  • Allen Angle (2014)

    Preparing, Using, and Updating As-Maintained Revit Models by the Owner

    • Revit for Construction, BIM 360 Glue

    Key Learning

    • Understand owner requirements for requesting record Revit software model deliverables
    • Learn through associated workflows and cloud computing how model deliverables become as-maintained models
    • Review workflows for how an owner can maintain space/equipment in models as changes and updates occur during their lifecycles
    • Discover other processes and integrations that can occur between Revit software and the ownership team's operating applications
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