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Robert Carroll

AS137059: Aerial Imagery Transforming Architecture, Construction, and Engineering

(Duration 40:33)

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Innovation in aerial mapping allows instant access to different forms of location content for use in CAD, BIM and GIS.Classic orthomosaic imagery has long been used for site location and now change detection as historical archives have grown.But oblique imagery, 3D, digital surface models, point clouds and textured mesh are being rapidly adopted by architects, designers, civil engineering, planners and construction companies.This session will review the full spectrum of location content including the process used to capture, manage and deliver imagery.Industry use cases will demonstrate how each form of imagery is used to solve specific challenges Autodesk customers face every day.Attendees will learn how to detect change over time using frequent updates captured across the United States.Learn how 3D can be used in planning, design and BIM.





  • 2017
  • AS137059
  • AU Las Vegas;


  • Architecture Services