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IPS22678: Workshop: Global Collaboration with Fusion Team and BIM 360 Team

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Collaborative work with distributed teams can be effectively managed within Fusion Team and BIM 360 Team.  Accessible directly from within Autodesk tools makes it the perfect complement to your end-to-end work processes.



Rahul Bhandarkar

Product Manager, A360

Lisa Darrah

Lisa Darrah is a senior program manager for A360 cloud-based products and services, and she has been at Autodesk, Inc., for 17 years. She started at Autodesk as a product support engineer and then moved onto quality assurance and project management. Her knowledge of the various aspects of software lifecycle has helped her as a program manager to include the views from Autodesk customers while defining and driving the A360 cloud-based products and services projects.

Adam Peter

Customer Success Engineer focused on Project Delivery and Collaboration.



  • 2016
  • IPS22678
  • AU Las Vegas, Impact Summit